Microsoft is internally testing cloud games in the iPhone web browser Publishing

Microsoft’s cloud ambitions in the cloud took another step forward this week, starting testing on a browser-based version of the Xbox Cloud Gaming service, formerly (and better) known as xCloud.

Verge reported that Microsoft employees are now testing a web version of the service that is being launched as a workaround for iOS devices because Apple does not want to allow apps to stream games on the App Store.

The web version seems to be very similar to previous versions based on Android apps. With a game browser that provides recommendations and full screen gameplay. What is currently unclear is whether it can also support application touch controls or a controller is always needed.

According to The Verge, the web version seems to work on Chronium browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Amazon and Google already use similar settings for their Luna and Stadia services.

Microsoft’s cloud gaming service is slow fuel in our eyes. Unlike Luna and Stadia, which stand alone, the Xbox service is simply another pillar of Microsoft’s mantra to allow the player to decide where and what to play.

While it could increase the company’s engagement or allow it to reach new regions, it’s only part of a broader package, which may explain why it chose a name that doesn’t set it apart from the rest of the Xbox offering.