Michelle Obama’s memoirs adapted for younger readers: The Tribune India

New Delhi, April 8th

Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, has published an edition of her memoirs to the younger reader “Becoming”.

Published by Puffin, a Penguin Random House children’s print, “Becoming: Adapted for Younger Readers” has a new introduction from Obama.

In his note to young readers, Obama says he wants to give them “my story in all its messy glory – from the moment I struggled with questions in front of the kindergarten class, to the first kiss and insecurity that made me feel growing up to campaign chaos and unusual experiences of handling the Queen of England “.

She also says the most significant parts of her story are not ball gowns or state dinners, but the little things: “the way my grandfather smiled when he put his favorite album on the turntable, the smell of our house when my mom cleaned it every spring, the sound of scrapers for ice on a car window in the middle of Chicago winter. “

During the writing process, she realized that there is not too little memory, adding that “every last part of our story” has meaning.

“Some memories can bring a rush of pain, especially those that happen when we are young. I still feel uncomfortable when I make an appointment in front of my schoolmates in my youth. I still feel a lump in my stomach after someone suspected me.

“I still feel the pain and emptiness created by losing loved ones. At some point we all experience the kind of injury we can’t fix on our own. But those tender places – the ones we try hardest to keep hidden – are often the most cost-effective parts to share,” she writes.

According to Obama, feelings like discomfort and struggle “are signs that we are doing hard work discovering the greatest truths about ourselves.”

She says that when she looks back on her own life, she sees that it was only through moments of great difficulty that she was able to find the strength to change or seek more purposefully what she wanted to be.

Such things are usually not what we feel comfortable sharing with each other, she says.

“Usually what worries us the most is what I like to call statistics – test results, feats on the sports field, the types of jeans our family can afford. But really, the most important thing is our story – our whole story, including those moments when we feel a little vulnerable “So often, by sharing those parts of our stories, we see beauty not only on our own, but also on someone else’s path,” she writes.

Obama hopes that those who read her story will also think about their own, because it is the most beautiful gift they will ever have.

“Bumps and bruises, joys and triumphs and bursts of laughter – they all combine to make you who you are. And who you are is not some static, unchanging thing. It will change every day and every year, and none of us know what it will be like. form ultimately get our life. That’s what it’s becoming. And just like you, I still have a lot to do, “she writes.

Obama’s memoir “Becoming” was published by Penguin imprint Viking in 2018, in which she recorded the experiences that shaped her – from her childhood on the south side of Chicago to her years as an executive director balancing the demands of motherhood and work, to her time at the world’s most famous address . PTI