Michael Keaton as Batman and 9 other actors who should return to the old role

Given that there are so many franchises in which actors portray the same characters in several films, there are other roles that audiences want to have the same treatment.

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Michael Keaton is currently in a “will it not” situation, as he may reprise the role of Bruce Wayne, who is one of Keaton’s best roles, in the upcoming Flash movie. There are a bunch of other actors who should do the same as well. Whether it’s a female vigil who stole a show from a real protagonist, a rom-com pop culture icon, or one of the most picturesque antiheroes of all time, there are so many actors who in some have to return to their most prized roles form or other.

10 Denzel Washington – Robert McCall

Of the millions of films starring Denzel Washington, it may come as a surprise that the Oscar-winning actor actually starred in only one sequel. Equalizer Washington saw a somewhat action hero, much more than he had ever been before, as he hunted down the Russian mafia and selected the mobsters in the most inventive and brutal way imaginable, and in it is one of the most significant scenes in the rain

The second film followed the same formula and was shaped to be Washington’s response John Wick. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the third film is happening. The audience of the two films with Washington was treated like an action hero, it was so much fun, and another sequel would be amazing.

9 Renee Zellweger – Bridget Jones

Renee Zellwegger in The Bridget Jones Diary

There have already been three films in Bridget Jones the series, and even the third, which followed more than a decade after the first two, is a surprisingly entertaining and heartfelt comedy. Given that Renee Zellweger is best known for that series and how she obviously has fun in the role, the fourth film with her in the lead role as a problematic blogger is exactly what fans want. He doesn’t have to come right away because he could show how the character copes with his child years back.

8 Brad Pitt – Tyler Durden

Fighters Club it is one of the most famous films ever made and contains one of the greatest twists of all time, but what the audience remembers most about the film, apart from the great discovery, is Brad Pitt’s portrayal of Tyler Durden.

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And given that novelist Chuck Palahniuk wrote not just one sequel, but two sequels, there could be a sequel to the film. Strange things happened.

7 Uma Thurman – The Bride

The Thurman mind will always be remembered as the Bride. Her cult performance as the Bride in Kill Bill This series has left fans to pray for more violence for almost 20 years at the moment. The character is so loved for so many reasons because he breaks down the fourth wall all the time and is simply one of the greatest action heroines in the history of cinema.

Although her bow was neatly wrapped at the end Vol. 2, there are certainly more former assassins she could step on. And considering how Kill Bill the series is one giant fusion of everything Quentin Tarantino loves, whether it’s martial arts or Western influences, there’s no reason why neither the actor nor the director would want to come back.

6 Jesse Eisenberg – Mark Zuckerberg

Social network it’s an amazing standalone film that deserves a sequel, as the film talked about the origins of Facebook, and in the 11 years since the film’s release, the social network has been in the news for all sorts of controversial things. Whether it’s user privacy or selectivity in terms of what users see during the presidential election, the sequel would create incredible political drama.

But it wouldn’t have been half as good if Jesse Eisenberg hadn’t returned as a billionaire from Harvard, alum, Mark Zuckerberg. The actor plays a real-life Facebook founder perfectly threatening, and seeing him decades later would have created such a more exciting sequel.

5 Charlize Theron – Furiosa

Emperor Furiosa

Although there were four of them Mad Max movies, Furiosa is a new character who is introduced only in the fourth entry, Fury Road. Furiosa is one of Theron’s best roles, as she was the MVP of the entire film, and even stole the show away from the title character.

The hero who blew in a rifle was the antithesis of Mad Max and was such a strong person that he made his own spin film. However, the character will not be played by Theron, but by Anya Taylor-Joy. But that doesn’t rule out Theron coming back as a character at some point.

4 Samual L. Jackson – Jules

Pulp Fiction Jules

It has been rumored for years that John Travolta is returning as Vincent Vega because Tarantino toyed with the idea of ​​a sequel with him, and Michael Madsen reprises his role of Mr. White from Tank dogs since the movie came out. However, Vincent’s literal partner in crime deserves a comeback like everyone else, not least because he was one of the few characters to escape unscathed Pulp Fiction, but also because Jackson has since acted in so many inferior versions of the character. But nothing is better than the original.

3 Joaquin Phoenix – The Joker

Joaquin Phoenix of the Joker

If there’s any actor who’s speculating whether to return to the role or not, it’s Joaquin Phoenix and his Joker character.

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One has to argue both for his return and for him to put down his makeup set, as the film is great as a standalone film, and below it would be seen as inflicting the expected Joker chaos on Gotham, which is not at all what the first film is about. However, Joaquin Phoenix is ​​just as amazing in the role, and the world built around him is so layered and unlike any Batman movie that was before him. If Phoenix doesn’t return, it would be as if Johnny Depp didn’t return as Captain Jack Sparrow after the first Pirates of the Caribbean film.

2 Spike Lee – Mookie

Everyone knows Spike Lee as a genius director who makes films that are equally entertaining and clever allegories for the current social climate, and has thrown himself into the most esteemed of all, Do the right thing.

The film stars an amazing ensemble, but of all of them, the most interesting was pizza deliveryman Mookie, who was almost a diplomat of all rival nationalities in the film. There’s still a bunch of questions around Mookie, though Spike Lee hasn’t necessarily starred in a long time and it’s unlikely there will ever be a sequel Do the right thing, fans have to see Mookie again.

1 Michael Keaton – Batman

Batman returns Michelle Pfeiffer Selena Kyle Michael Keaton Bruce Wayne

Until a few weeks ago, it was only confirmed that Michael Keaton would perform in the upcoming Flash a film like Bruce Wayne, returning to the character for the first time since Batman is back almost 30 years ago. This drove the fans crazy as they were not only excited to see him as an elder Batman Beyond-of the Bruce Wayne type, but also because it would introduce a multiverse into a DC expanded universe.

However, the actor recently claimed that he did not even read what Warner Bros. sent him and that he did not sign any contract. But Keaton Batman fans are still optimistic and not all hope has been lost, and it may happen, in the end.

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