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Adelani Adepegba and Ada Adesomoju

THE FEDERAL High Court in Abuja on Thursday approved bail for former National Secretary for the Promotion of the People’s Democratic Party Olisi Metuh in the amount of N250m.

Pravda Nkeonye Maha issued an order with a verdict on Metuh’s request for bail, which was submitted on December 21, 2020 by his team of lawyers led by dr. Onyechija Ikpeazua (SAN).

Metuh was serving a seven-year prison sentence after he was convicted of money laundering in February this year.

Judge Okon Abang of the Federal High Court in Abuja ruled in February against Metuh and his firm, Destra Investments Limited, on N400m money laundering charges fraudulently obtained from then-national security adviser Sambo. Dasuki, in December 2014

They were also convicted of $ 2 million in cash transactions without going through a financial institution in violation of the money laundering law.

But following his appeal, the Abuja Court of Appeals on December 16, 2020, quashed his trial and overturned his conviction and sentence because Abang’s justice was biased in his handling of the case.

A panel of three members of the Court of Appeals ordered a retrial of another Federal High Court judge other than Judge Abang.

Metuh then filed bail after the verdict revoking his conviction.

Giving bail to a former PDP spokesman on Thursday, Judge Maha ruled that he must present a guarantor who must be a responsible citizen and owner of land whose value must not be less than the amount of bail in Abuja

The judge said that the release order sent to the superior penitentiary of Nigeria, Kujeu, in whose detention Metuh was serving his prison sentence, will be issued as soon as the conditions for bail are met.

She added, “That registry of this court will check the property / real estate with the address of bail and make a statement on the statement.

“These original documents on the ownership of the property / assets will be placed in the register of this honorable court.”

She also ordered the conditional release of Metukh’s passport from the court register as soon as the conditions for bail were met.

Meanwhile, Metuh was released from Kuja Detention Center, Abuja.

Our correspondent learned that Metuh was released from custody on Thursday.

A spokesman, the Federal Command of the capital at the Nigerian Correctional Service, Humphrey Chukwuedo, confirmed developments.

But the Economic and Financial Crime Commission said it would appeal to the Supreme Court to overturn a decision by the Court of Appeals’ Abbey Division on Dec. 16 revoking Metuh’s sentence.

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