Message scheduling comes in Google Messages

Google lets you schedule when you want your email to be sent to Gmail. A similar feature is now being introduced in Google Messages.

Called “Sending Schedule”, users will now be able to set when they want the message to be sent to the recipient. Android police report that the feature was first available to several users in November 2020. It is now in a wider introduction.

The shipping schedule is pretty easy to use. After entering the message, press and hold the send button. You will get a dialog box that shows you some preset times and dates that you can choose to send the message. There is also the option to choose your own date and time. When you’re done, tap the send button and the message will be labeled “Scheduled Message” below.

Users will be able to update or delete the message before the selected date and time. You can also choose to send the message immediately. Note that the message will only be sent if your phone was on or connected to the Internet at the time (in case you use the Google Messages chat feature).

The submission schedule comes out as a switch on the server side, and even if you have the latest version of Google Messages, that doesn’t mean you already have that feature. We expect it to be available to most users in the next few days.

This is a nice feature, but many Android phones will miss it because many manufacturers ship their phones with their own messaging app. However, you can install the Google Messages app from the Play Store and set it as your default messaging app if this is the feature you really want.