Meghan & Harry’s Christmas card for 2020 features son Archie and their dogs

The Sussexes wish everyone a happy holiday – while sharing a view of family life. After officially leaving the royal family in April, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shared their holiday greeting card for 2020, which featured an illustration of the Duke and Duchess playing in the backyard of their California home with their son Archie. In the picture, Harry poses with a one-year-old in front of a festively decorated playroom, while Meghan smiles at the couple from where she is sitting next to them.

According to Fun tonight, the illustration is based on a photo of the family – and their two beloved dogs – taken by Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland. “The original photo of the family was taken at their home earlier this month,” a spokesman for the couple said. “Archie has chosen a small Christmas tree, including homemade decorations and other decorations, and the tree will be replanted after the holidays.”

An animal welfare charity based in the UK Mayhew shared the card on Twitter, before thanking Meghan for her continued patronage over the years. “We are thrilled to receive wonderful Christmas wishes from our patron, the Duchess of Sussex, who also made a personal donation helping dogs, cats and our community,” they wrote with a congratulatory message. “Of all of us in Mayhew, thank you and Merry Christmas.”

“This year, as a family, we donated several charities keeping in mind,” Meghan and Harry wrote in a note accompanying the card, according to ET. “From a local California organization that helps families move from homelessness, to two of our UK sponsorships: one that supports animal and community welfare and the other, a dear friend memorial fund that helps educate children and fight poverty in Uganda, we are their work on behalf of all of us. ”

The Sussex family’s family greeting card is especially appropriate as they plan to spend Christmas in California – instead of with the royal family in the UK – due to travel restrictions and social removal orders as part of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “The couple will spend Christmas at home in California peacefully, joined by Archie and Doria,” the source said. ET in early December. “Meghan, who is a great cook, will prepare some of her favorite dishes with Harry and Doria.”

In addition to the holiday greetings, Meghan and Harry recently signed a multi-year contract with Spotify to develop a series of podcasts under the Archewell Audio umbrella. Although the shows, which are described as content that will “aim to elevate and entertain global audiences”, should premiere by 2021, the couple will announce a special holiday in December to help fans celebrate early. In a review released on December 15, Meghan teased her husband with his accent and encouraged him to show off his “podcast voice” by offering a silly look at their relationship.

“One of the things my husband and I have always talked about is our passion for meeting people and sharing their stories,” Meghan says in a review. “Whatever their story, they usually offer you an understanding of where someone else is coming from. And at the same time, they kind of remind you of a story about yourself.” The couple explained that they hope to “bring out different perspectives” and share stories of “hope and compassion” to make 2021 a little brighter. In the meantime, their adorable family greeting card should bring you a little extra joy in the season.