Mechagodzilla Concept Art shows a detailed look at GVK’s villain

The conceptual art from Godzilla vs Congo gives a closer look at the film’s real villain, Mechagodzilla, in all its robotic glory during the climate battle.

The concept of art from Godzilla vs Kong shows a look at Mechagodzilla during the film’s finale. Early glances at the expected battle of Titan seemed deceptive, and many wondered who the real villain in the film was. MonsterVerse has proven to have tricks up its sleeve before and Godzilla vs Kong it was no different. When Godzilla launched an attack on the Apex facility in Pensacola, Florida, at the beginning of the film, people wondered why their ally Kaiju was seemingly randomly attacking the place.

Madison from Millie Bobby Brown didn’t know it was all it seemed and teamed up with Brian Tyree’s conspiracy podcast Henry Bernie to discover the real reason Godzilla was targeting Apex facilities. When they discover that Apex is building its own Titan, it is clear that they are in trouble. Joining the fight at the end of the film, Mechagodzilla frees himself from his human controllers and tries to personally inform Godzilla. Although he didn’t match either Congo or Godzilla, he stood in his field for quite some time and it’s easy to see why in this new concept of art.

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Jared Krichevsky shared a look at MechaGodzilla’s concept of art and his reinforced armor clearly shows why he had a chance against the two Titans. A full-body look at MechaGodzill shows his almost impenetrable armor, and Kričevski notices that this early appearance on the screens has arrived largely intact. The artist notes that the team was impressed with his initial robot design and it is easy to see why. See photos below:

Although Mechagodzilla’s appearance was marred by a toy leak, it was still an exciting moment to see him jump out of the mountains of Hong Kong and fight Godzilla during the film’s finale. When Kong was numbered, it seemed like the fight would be close, but eventually Kong could come back and join Godzilla to take him down. Whether this is Mechagodzilla’s last performance or not remains to be seen, but if it did, it came out in the flames of glory.

Godzilla vs Kong he is praised for having led some of the best fights in MonsterVerse so far, and this is partly due to the look of the robotic Kaiju. Fortunately, even if it is about its final appearance, MonsterVerse still has a lot of ways to explore Godzilla vs Kong it is not the end of the line. Kong lives in a Hollow Earth full of mysterious creatures. Godzilla, on the other hand, floated into waters unknown at the end of the film, leaving his future in the air. Mechagodzilla may have been defeated, but the two biggest Kaijus are still waiting on the wings for the next battle.

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Source: Jared Kričevski

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