MCU: He was a total himbo 10 times

Thor didn’t start his MCU journey as a himbo, a likable, strong, yet sensitive and sometimes stupid character, but he certainly ended it as one. To be fair, his term at MCU is not over yet, as Thor: Love and thunder is currently in production. And given the new direction Taika Waititi took the character Thor: Ragnarok, it is safe to say that Thbo is here to stay.

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Some may disagree with this new attitude, but Chris Hemsworth’s comic talents are perfect for Waititi’s unusual sensibilities. Himbo Thor is also much more memorable than the Stoic, Shakespearean god who first appeared in 2011 Thor. But even then, the God of Thunder was already showing many characteristic himbo qualities, proving that deep down he was always a big, old mecca.

10 Thor and Mjolnir

The god of thunder has an extremely close relationship with his hammer, Mjolnir. While playing Team Thor, Thor discovers that he is putting Mjolnir to sleep and even dragging him. The hammer has its own small bed in a drawer next to Thor’s bed.

Thor also draws a small sketch of Mjolnir, depicting her with huge muscles and black shades, to maximize the cool factor. He even goes so far as to draw Mjolnir holding Thor, instead of the other way around. Their relationship is quite intricate and deep, and it is clear that Thor believes that Mjolnir is more than a tool or a weapon.

9 The hammer pulled you?


Explaining his connection and dependence on Mjolnir can be difficult for Thor, especially since most people don’t quite understand it. In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor laments the loss of Mjolnir and tries to explain the true power of the hammer. Korg, however, fails to understand.

First he thinks Thor was driving the hammer, then he thinks the hammer was driving Thor, and finally, he wonders if the hammer pulled Thor. “Sounds like you had a pretty special and intimate relationship with this hammer and that losing it is almost comparable to losing a loved one.” Thor agrees, confirming his gentle place toward Mjolnir.

8 Only if I die

Thor sometimes lets everything in his head come out of his mouth. For example, in order for Eitri, the dwarf king, to make a Stormbreaker, Thor must directly endure the full power of the star.

Eitri states that this is impossible because the star will kill him. “Only if I die,” Thor replies actually. Confused, the dwarf king agrees and his confused face says it all. Thor is powerful, but sometimes not very bright.

7 That’s what heroes do

Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie in Thor Ragnarok

Trying to persuade Valkyrie to join his goal, Thor appeals to her loyalty to Asgard, but fails. He declares that he does not believe in the throne and assures that if Hela returns, Asgard is no more.

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Thor then steals the switch that controls the electrical device on his neck and frees himself. He states that he has decided to run towards his problems, not towards them, and throws the ball out the window wanting to look cool. The ball bounces off, however, and hits him straight in the face. The scene is short but priceless and proves that, despite his clumsiness, it takes more than some misfortune to shame the God of Thunder.

6 Stupid Avengers

Thor Ragnarok Hulk

Thor and Hulk lead a hilarious immature and childish struggle in the last chambers. They throw things away and call each other names, including Thor, whom Hulk calls a “stupid avenger.” The whole thing culminates with Thor declaring that Earth hates the Hulk, hurting gigantic feelings.

Thor immediately regrets and apologizes, quickly mending their relationship. Thor is always kind enough to forgive those who deserve it and always big enough to admit when he is wrong.

5 His haircut

As he prepares to fight in the competition for champions, Thor gets a haircut from the “creepy old man” played by the late icon Stan Lee. At first, Thor tries to intimidate the man into not getting a haircut before literally begging him. He fails, and his gold locks disappear in favor of a shorter style.

The scene perfectly represents the duality of Thor’s personality. He comes from a legend, is basically God and knows he has to stick to a reputation. However, he is kind in himself, which means that his tough person often falls and discovers the sweetness inside. Thor hates losing hair, which also reveals a certain kind of vulnerability.

4 It was adopted

Loki in The Avengers

During the first The Avengers film, Thor arrives on Earth in search of Loki. Once his brother is captured, he joins the Avengers in a helicopter, where they discuss Loki’s plan. When Banner says Loki’s brain is a “bag of cats,” Thor gets angry and tells him to watch his tongue. Loki is Thor’s brother after all. The black widow then declares that the God of mischief “killed eighty people in 3 days,” prompting Thor to remind everyone that Loki had adopted.

The moment shows that even the God of thunder is self-conscious about his flaws and family. He still cares for Loki, but is also aware of his brother’s double and reproachful nature. Thor also brings good humor to the situation, even the most serious of them.

3 Nobody calls him

Chris Hemsworth of Thor

The whole premise of Team Thor featurettes is a mockery of the fact that Thor missed the whole Civil warevents. In the videos, Thor shows his disappointment and even sends an email to both Tony and Cap offering his help.

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The videos are just for fun, but they reveal the undeniable truth about Thor. He enjoys being part of the team and actually cares and appreciates his fellow Avengers. Although he is not a leader, he faithfully does his part and follows his orders, he still likes to be a part of the action.

2 More brains than you

Tim Thor - Chris Hemsworth Flex

During the same feature film, Darryl, Thor’s land roommate, complains that he can’t use any of Thor’s currencies to pay rent. Thor then suggests that Darryl sell the Asgard coins because they are of great value since Thor himself touched them.

Thor then mocks Darryl’s daily work, saying knowledge is not power. He bends and flaunts his muscles and says that because the brain is a muscle, it is covered with brain, which makes him smarter than Darryl. It’s a real himbo moment, albeit an obvious parody of the character.

1 A friend from work

One of Thor: Ragnarokthe funniest moments come when Thor first confronts the Hulk. Thinking he won’t have to fight over their relationship with the Avengers, Thor cheers for the green giant and calls him a “friend from work”. The Hulk, of course, doesn’t reciprocate Thor’s happiness and the two of them eventually embark on a fierce battle.

The moment is one of Thor’s healthiest. It perfectly sums up all that God is of thunder, a powerful and even magnificent individual who is still kind and enthusiastic. In other words, himbo in every sense of the word.

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