Matthew Boyd adds a stellar second trip in the re-ascent

The Detroit Tigers are hoping Matthew Boyd will bounce back in 2021, and that has been the case so far in his first two starts. The Tigers may have lost to the Minnesota twins in competition on Wednesday, but Boyd made another solid start in the books before leaving the game.

Boyd has had two great outings with the Tigers in 2021 so far, they may not have been masterful, but he looked pretty good nonetheless. As the Tigers entered the 2021 season, they demanded that Boyd once again become an ace and become a player.

With a new pitching coach controlling the staff, Chris Fetter has been able to work with that staff, and improvements have obviously been made to some of the guys. With Boyd, the biggest thing is to get him back to the level he was at, where he was gaining commercial interest left and right.

Not that Boyd will move (about that later), but if it could once again be so dominant, the Tigers could begin to see a few more additions in the “W” column even during rebuilding, where the theft of victory is huge here and there.

The Detroit Tigers have so far seen two restarts since Matthew Boyd in 2021.

More than Detroit Jock City

Last year Boyd wasn’t the best and honestly fought hard on the mound. In 2020, Boyd started 12 times for the Tigers, where he had a 3-7 record, a 6.71 ERA and a 1.48 WHIP.

He would throw out 60 strokes over 60.1 innings, but he would hit five strokes, walk 22 and allow 45 earned runs through 15 big flies.

The best way to describe Boyd’s 2020 season is rot. But as the 2021 season begins and begins to move on, Boyd wants to change that narrative.

In his first start of the season, Boyd would have scored 5.2 innings, allowing three goals and walking four, while only knocking out two, but he didn’t give up and counted the win.

On Wednesday, he re-occupied the hill, where he scored seven substitutions, allowing seven goals and scoring three races. However, he ran eight shots a day and looked like a much better pitcher than he showed during the 2020 season.

Overall, in 2021, Boyd set a 1-1 record in 12.2 innings, throwing out 10 strokes. This season he has a 2.21 ERA and 1.15 WHIP for the Tigers. These numbers are likely to grow, but Boyd’s successful start could be an indication of good things for Southern Paw as the 2021 season continues.

As mentioned above, he earned a lot of trading interest early in the 2019 season before his off-season struggles greatly changed his trade value. If the opportunity arises, perhaps Tigers (GM) CEO Al Avila could pull the trigger.

Although it may be too early to start this monster from rumors, but if Boyd makes a comeback, it may be this summer when Avila finally pulls the trigger and makes a deal. For now, keep an eye on Boyd as he looks to put together more good starts at the start of the Detroit Tigers ’2021 season.