Matteo Guendouzi responds to Mesut Ozil’s ‘underestimated’ comments

Matteo Guendouzi responded to Mesut Ozil after his former Arsenal teammate tipped him to be a future star.

Both players were sent into exile by Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta and it seems that he will not appear on the same side of the gunners.

Guendouzi is currently on loan at Hertha Berlin until the end of the season, while Ozil is still frozen until his contract expires.

Ozil proved to be a master of public relations during his time on the sidelines, and he seems to have done it again by putting himself on the side of his rejected colleague.

Asked during Twitter about who is the most respected player he has played with, Ozil replied: “@MatteoGuendouzi – I’m sure he will one day be a great footballer!”

Guendouzi (L) and Ozil remain close friends from their time together at Arsenal
Guendouzi (L) and Ozil remain close friends from their time together at Arsenal

Although it seemed to be Arteta’s thinly covered dig, Guendouzi was more than delighted with Ozil’s compliment.

Responding to his tweet, 22-year-old Guendouzi wrote: “Thank you, my brother @ MesutOzil1088. You know how important these words are to me, especially from you, one of the best players[s] in the world and the best I’ve played with. “

Guendouzi fell twice with Arte at the end of last season – once at a warm-weather training camp in Dubai, the second after Arsenal’s defeat to Brighton in June.

It was the Frenchman’s last appearance at Arsenal and he is now trying to rebuild his career in Germany.

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Guendouzi plays regularly for Hertha Berlin
Guendouzi plays regularly for Hertha Berlin

But he did little for hopes of earning a recall for Arteta’s team when he negotiated another reluctant star, William Salibu, on social media earlier this month.

Saliba complained to Guendouzi about the feeling of “locking in” at Arsenal as he was, to which the midfielder replied: “We are together, my little brother.”

So far this season, Guendouzi has made eight appearances for Hertha, scoring once, though not considered part of Arteta’s long-term plans.