Matt Hancock explains exactly when you can hug your friends and family

The 60-page roadmap that excludes England from closing includes certain dates when you will be able to hug.

According to the BBC breakfast, a hug should be allowed “as soon as possible, no later than 17 May”.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said: “That’s right and it’s the same date when you’ll be able to travel and sleep over.

“It’s in the third step, which is obviously five weeks after changing the second step.”

He added: “We know that close contact is the way this disease is transmitted, so the reason for that time by then all the most vulnerable groups could have had two stings.”

He added: “We want to be careful until the most vulnerable groups get both of these doses.”

Mr Hancock also explained what exactly the new rules on lifting locks mean for England when you can meet up with friends and family.

The rules will start changing from March 8, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday, when you will be allowed to meet with one person outdoors for socially distanced socializing.

The rules will then change every five weeks – if the coronavirus infection rate, hospitalizations and mortality rates continue to fall.

The next big change will come on March 29, when the rules change from “stay home” to “stay local”.

Then people will be allowed to participate in irrelevant travels.

Speaking about the BBC’s breakfast today, Mr Hancock said: “On March 29 there will still be guidelines to stay local and by law you will not be able to stay overnight elsewhere or on holiday, for example

“But we are able to take that first step by having a rule of six or two households outdoors, and while we used to have a rule of six, we suggest a rule of six or two households, so that large or large households, for example, or two families with two children can be seen – but outside because we know it’s safer outside than at home. “

He added: “Then we will reach a position where people can go and sleep through the night … I hope we will get there by mid-May as suggested in the road map.”