Matt criticized for trying to quell rumors about Rachael

Following rumors of reconciliation, three separate sources told E! Matt didn’t come back with Rachel. This overseas response could have done more harm than good.

From Bachelor ‘with Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell spotted together in New York, this is another wild week for the Bachelor Nation. The consequences of Rachael’s victory were catastrophic. Her racist past created a dark cloud during an already disappointing season. Chris Harrison was replaced after he viciously defended her. Given all these consequences, fans were shocked that Matt would bring her back. Especially after his icy reception towards her in After the final rose, and recently declaring that she still has work to do to change. Not so fast, say sources close to him.

Rumors of reconciliation began with a Reality Steve tweet. Sources said on April 7 E! Online that Matt isn’t coming back along with Rachael. The first claimed to have encouraged the meeting to talk, to which he agreed. Another added that she was in New York to visit others, not to see him. “Rachael and Matt are completely just friends,” that source said E!, “He has no intention of dating her in the future. “ They also highlighted Matt’s current focus on his career. Another source accepted confirmation of “friends only” status. Judging by the fan response, Matt and his sources may have placed him too densely.

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When is E! the story was published on R / The Bachelor Reddit, users had more fun than anything.“Not one. Not two. But THREE sources. He’s trying to rule this out.” Redditors tried to identify the sources, hitting a close friend of Tyler Cameron as well as Matt himself. Another user commented, “Who works more? Matt’s team excludes this or Kardashian’s team excludes Khloe’s painting?” Some have speculated that the drastic response is a sign that Matt’s PR team is reading a popular subreddit. But it wasn’t just jokes about Matt. Others raised Rachael’s mother, who infamously defended her, jokingly. “Waiting for another story from 3 Rachael’s sources (also known as her mother, mother and mother). ” There were also allegations that Rachael’s family was behind Reality Steve’s tweet.

Rachael Kirkconnel Winner 2021 Matt James in bachelor 2

While some scoffed at Matt for going above and beyond, others speculated that he was protesting too much. “I predict she will secretly meet / reunite every few months before things end forever. Matt is too aware of the picture to meet with her in public after the AFR.” one wrote. “Yeah, like he knows it’s bad to go back with Rachael. But bad enough not to do it,” said another. Some chose to believe the denials, assuming the couple met just for the sake of closure and did not expect to be photographed. But others wondered if it was all a publicity stunt, writing, “I’m so confused why would you hang out with someone in his situation if you don’t want the rumors to start.”

While He has no intention of having fun with her in the future. “ it seems final, fans felt dej vu. After Clare Crawley and Dale Moss were spotted together after the breakup, it was announced that they did not see a common future. Now they are officially back. Reddit agreed that the sources are not just unreliable, “ the competitors themselves are not reliable. And they change their minds. “

If one thing is for sure, that’s it Bachelors the drama does not slow down. Every season is more messy than last. The next two Matt contestants will return to the backlog of the season Bachelor’s degree. The Bachelor Nation will have to see if this trend continues.

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Source: E! Online,, R / TheBachelor

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