‘Masked Dancer’ Season 1: Review of the Fox Spinoff series

Make yourself a cup of coffee before you settle down Masked dancerPrime Minister: You will need a lot of focus to determine who is under those wild costumes.

Fox’s nine episodes Masked singer Spinoff – the premiere on Sunday, December 27 at 8pm, will have the same basic premise as his parent series: Costumed celebrities perform dance routines every week, while judges and local audiences try to guess the identity of each contestant. At the end of each episode, another dancer will be unmasked until the winner is crowned.

But as executive producer Craig Plestis shared during the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, Masked dancer will contain many more clues about competitors than Masked singer works – including a new type of trace that Singer he could never allow it.

“For the first time, we added a special clue. It’s called “The Word Up,” where you could actually hear their real voices speaking, “Plestis teased. “We have never heard their voices under a mask before [on The Masked Singer]. That’s a big clue Masked dancer, in terms of the identity of some people and [judges] picked up on it. They pretty much watched it. “

Longtime performer Paula Abdul – who will judge alongside Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical), Brian Austin Green (Beverly Hills, 90210) i Masked singer alum Ken Jeong – added that hints about the identity of the dancers will not be limited to pre-recorded packs of tracks.

“Traces came everywhere – inside the costumes, even in the stage scene and choreography,” she shared. “It was amazing.” But, dancing professionally for years, Abdul said that “she could know immediately” when the competitor had a real dance training, “because they are doing technical steps that only someone who is trained could know”.

Although, of course, Plestis remained a mother about which celebrities he would appear on Masked dancer, offered that the show try to broadcast as many “household names” as possible: “When you really hear their names … you will recognize them,” he said. “It’s a barometer we have Masked singer. And we’re actually looking for celebrities who just pledged to go under the mask and have fun, and I think we’ve achieved that with this series. “

In fact, the EP would not rule out bringing in a celebrity who has previously competed Masked singer, though “we really try to keep it fresh every time.”

“There are no set rules we have,” Plestis hinted. “Everything can happen in Masked space. So be prepared for that. ”