Marvel’s Avengers seem to have graphics modes on the PS5, but not the Xbox

Square Enix “href =” “> Square Enix has detailed the next-generation enhancements coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S” href = “https: // / “> Xbox Series X / S versions of Marvel Avengers” href = “”> Marvel Avengers.

As described in detail in official chart, The PS5 version of the Avengers will feature two graphics modes, according to the publisher: high-performance mode running at 60 fps and 4K on the chessboard, or 4K mode running at the original 4K and probably lower frames per second.

Avengers PS5 enhancements include higher-resolution textures, improved armor destruction, improved environmental occlusion, haptic feedback, surround sound, and more. This is in addition to previously validated features such as intergenerational play and save, improved frames per second, and significantly faster load times.

According to second chart allegedly emailed to players, Xbox “href =” “> The Xbox X-Series version will feature all the same graphics enhancements as the PS5, except that Square Enix didn’t seem to implement two graphic modes.The X series is listed as simple, “original 4K,” while the S series runs at 1440p.It is not clear at what speed the X-series thumbnails play the game.

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This is usually Xbox Game Studios (Microsoft) “href =” “> Microsoft console that has an advantage in this area, at least when it comes to pre-compatible enhancements, probably due to limitations about how Sony Interactive Entertainment “href =” “> Sony’s console handles old updates.

If the Xbox really lacks the graphics mode for the PS5, it’s probably because of the global PlayStation “href =” “> PlayStation marketing contract Square Enix has signed for the Avengers.

In addition to the exclusive Spider-Man character after its release, PlayStation Avengers players gained early beta access for the PS4 and timed exclusive cosmetics for all characters.

Asked how Xbox and PC gamers who want to play as Spider-Man should feel in an interview last year, Scot Amos studio chief “href =” “> Scot Amos told reporters earlier this month that they “have the ability to do so on the PlayStation.”

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“This is an opportunity to celebrate [Spider-Man’s addition] unique to those players [on PlayStation] because of that connection, but I think there are so many worlds that people can explore, I wouldn’t look at it as a reason not to accept it [to add Marvel’s Spider-Man” href=””>Spider-Man on PS4 and PS5], “he said.” I’d say, look at all these things you can play with.

“And for those players who absolutely want to play like Spider-Man, you have the option to do so on the PlayStation.”

Square Enix will release the PlayStation 5 “href =” “> PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S versions of Marvel’s Avengers along with the new Hawkeye DLC in Game 18. March, 2021.