Marlon Brando: A Life Story You May Not Know Fun

Fans of film and theater have long been fascinated by Marlon Brando, a genius genius who many claim was the greatest actor of our time, and that gratitude shows small signs of disappearance.

In real life, Brando was an outsider, the product of an unhappy family life with the image of a bad boy. He challenged authority, refused to play by the rules, and defied expectations. At the very least, it could be difficult.

He had demons, professional failures and personal tragedies. He was withdrawn and mysterious, although he allowed the public to look at his private life when he wrote his autobiography “Songs My Mother Taught Me” in 1994.

He went through it all with his incomparable acting talent, playing damaged, tormented souls like the furious Stanley Kowalski in “The Tram Called Desire” and the brawler Terry Malloy in “On the Waterfront”. Who hasn’t found themselves repeating Kowalski’s calls for “Stella!” and Molloy’s claim that “could I be a candidate?”

Brando has been firmly in the public eye for decades, his every move devoured by fans and recorded by the media. But the star can still be learned, so Stacker has compiled a list of 25 facts from Brand’s life story that you may not know. To compile the list, Stacker reviewed newspaper articles, magazine accounts, biographies, film archives, film footage, reviews, and fan websites.

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