Mark Steyn rejects Biden’s ‘weapons attack’ by executive order

Fox News Primetime presenter Mark Steyn reacts to President Biden’s proposed arms control measures, saying: “The more he insists that nothing he is doing interferes with the Second Amendment, the more ammunition sales go up.” .

MARK STEYN: An amendment is part of the Constitution, and the Constitution is certainly constitutionally absolute – at least until they manage to get a judge to decide that the Constitution is unconstitutional, whose judicial decision should come at any time, probably from the Ninth circuit. In practical terms, the measures include: restrictions on pistol stabilization brackets, which Joe Biden claims to allow handguns to be used as high-precision, low-retreat rifles and yet easily concealed a pistol. A new rule closing another supposed loophole in so-called “ghost weapons” that you can assemble yourself, “ghost weapons” is one of the new scary terms they’ve created. A national “red flag law” that allows family members or law enforcement officers to go to court for a suspension of an individual’s Second Amendment rights and for an arms control advocate to be the head of the ATF.

Boy, I can’t wait to see the impact these movements have on children’s shootings in Chicago every weekend.