Manifesto, Season 3, Episode 2: Reception

It’s kind of more real when the calls make the returnee words like, “Go to her!” rather than pairing them with vague symbolism. The three kidnappers were dragged into the King Cone like a magnet, even if Jace thought it was his idea to go back to his former employer to take some of the money he was spending. Manifesto set in season 2 the reluctance of other minions to engage in criminal activity, and the funniest thing in this episode came from speculation about what might happen now that Pete was seen in Angelina’s photo and separated from his crew.

Admittedly, it was nice to see Michael toying with the book in his investigation of the three men, even though her following the rules shouldn’t take long. Her partnership with Drea and the support she receives from Captain Bowers really reinforces the official nature of her contribution to the overall investigation, which Ben sometimes lacks. But even his interaction with Emmett and Powell and a visit to Vance’s wife gave us hope that calmer (and more qualified) heads would prevail.

The same sense of hope surrounds Grace and Cal as they work together to align with Tariq and create a safe haven for themselves and Eden at a time when news of the tail will make it difficult to return to avoid surveillance. The same approaching danger is present every time someone mentions a major, reminding us that Saanvi didn’t tell anyone about what she did to the group’s worst enemy.

Add to these impending conflicts the mystery of Ben’s glowing hand and Manifesto has built quite a solid foundation for his third season of mythology. This is even without considering the unanswered questions concerning Al-Zuras, the missing captains Daly and Fiona Clarke, and any remaining threat that the major faction might pose. In fact, if the show can too often avoid using its own premise as a storytelling crutch, the season ahead could be the best so far.