Mandalore fell because Bo Katan broke Darksber’s rules

Bo Katan refused to accept Darksaber Mandalorian the finale of season 2, because she would be a legitimate ruler only if she won it in a trial suit, which could explain why the Great Purge of Mandalore happened at all. All eyes are on CGI Luke and the alien formerly known as Baby Yoda (now known as Grog), but another big clash was born in Season 3 when Din Djarin accidentally looked for Darksaber by defeating Moff Gideon.

Darksaber was originally introduced years ago Star Wars: Clone Wars, appropriately managed by Pre Vizsla, and voiced by Jon Favreau before continuing to be a showrunner for Mandalorian. The story of Darxaber continued in Star Wars Rebels Dave Filoni, and now Filoni and Favreau have teamed up to launch Darksaber live for a new era of storytelling.

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Mandalorian is immersed Star Wars science, especially Mandalorian, but the show also has a number of major deviations from what fans expect from Mandalorians, especially the first season in which Mandalorian Din Djarin was part of a tribe that never took off its helmet, which is the complete opposite of anything we’ve seen or heard before. of the Mandalorians Star Wars. While Mandalorian has not made any similar changes in the science of Darksaber, drastically changing the way we see Bo Katan’s previous claim to the blade and the authority that comes with it.

A trial by fight is the only legitimate way to claim Darksber

History of the Stars from the Darksaber Rebellion History

Darksabel is a lightsaber made by the first Mandalorian Jedi Tarre Vizsla. After his death, he remained in the Jedi Temple until he was attacked and stolen by the Mandalori during the war with the Jedi, making him a new symbol of Mandalorian power. Whoever had Darkshaber took the title of Mand’alor, ruling the planet Mandalore and the people of Mandalori.

Because it was a warrior culture, the respected procedure for changes in leadership was usually a combat trial, and the winner claimed that Darksaber was his own as was the title of Mand’alor. When Bo Katan lost the blade to Moff Gideon, she also lost authority over the people of Mandalori, which is why Bo Katan tries to regain Darksaber, believing he can reunite the scattered remnants of his people and regain their homeland. When Din Djarin, Bo Katan and the rest of their team board Moff Gideon’s ship in season 2 of the finals Mandalorian, Bo Katan warns Dean to save Moff Gideon so she can cope, but things don’t go that way. Gideon ambushes Dean in Grogu’s cell, which leads to a duel that Dean wins, taking away Darxaber, unaware of his full significance.

Why Bo Katan cannot accept Darksaber in Mandalorian

Moff Gideon Darksaber Bo Katan

When Dean tries to hand Darksaber over to Bo Katan, he is confused when he finds her rejecting him, only for Moff Gideon to shout dizzyingly “she can’t stand it” because he can change hands only after winning a trial by fighting. Dean doesn’t want to rule Mandalore and immediately says he’s giving in, but that’s not enough. Gideon tells Dean that Darxaber himself has no power, his authority comes from legend and tradition, which means that the story should be preserved: “Without that blade, he is a contender for the throne.”

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If Bo Katan accepted Darksaber from Dean without a trial by fight, it would be a betrayal of the warrior tradition of the Mandalorian people, even if they knew that they would not accept her as their leader. Bound in honor, Bo Katan refuses to accept the saber, not wanting to betray tradition, or, more practically, also not wanting to risk ruining her leadership if someone finds out she acquired it illegally. However, her rigid adherence to tradition in this case is unusual because it was not dealt with that way the last time Bo Katan took the title of Mand’alor.

Bo Katan accepted the Sword of Light as a gift from Sabine Wren in Star Wars Rebels

Bo-Katan rules Darkshaber in Star Wars rebels

Like everyone who watched Star Wars Rebels certainly noticed at this point, Bo Katan had already accepted Darksaber as a gift the first time she took Mand’alor’s cloak and there was no mention or concern about the fact that Bo Katan had not defeated Sabine in battle. It’s weird, but the tradition is still mentioned by Sabine’s mother, Countess Ursa Wren, who tells Sabine that she has no right to it when she finds out she didn’t beat Maul to take the blade, so this action point Mandalorian is more than a simple retcon.

During the Clone Wars, Darth Maul defeated Pre Vizslu to take over Darksaber and rule Mandalore, but did not take the title of Mand’alor. Until the moment Star Wars Rebels, Maul repurposed the Inquisitor’s red double-winged lightsaber as his own, and Darksabel sat unused at Maul’s base of operations at Dathomir, where Sabine discovered it. She initially has no adequate right to do so, as there was no combat trial, but Gar Saxon eventually steals the blade and she defeats him in the fight to get it back, a seemingly satisfying request; however, Sabine rejects the power that comes from the blade until she decides to give it to Bo Katana, who is ratified by all clans without objection as the new leader of Mandalore.

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Because Sabine rejected the mantle and the heads of the clans approved of Bo Katan, her authority was considered legitimate at the time. He therefore refuses to accept the blade Mandalorian they seem like a mistake in re-enactment or continuity, or at least as big deviations in character, but it could also hint at a much more interesting story.

Did Bo Katan’s illegal claim to Darkasber cause Mandalor’s destruction?

Katee sackhoff Bo Katan Mandalore

Like any legend of its nature, the Darksber tradition will surely inspire superstition. It is against tradition to claim that the blade is without a fight against the owner, but how is this even possible to enforce it? As Gideon said, the blade itself has no power, but that doesn’t mean the Mandalori don’t believe it does, and that would explain a lot about the state of Mandalore at the time Mandalorian.

Sometime during the short reign of Bo Katan, the Empire decimated the Mandalore, killing many Mandalorians and scattering the rest throughout the galaxy. This purge is when Bo Katan lost Darksaber to Moff Gideon. The enchanting planet was so bad, Din Djarin and the Children of the Guard believed that the planet was actually cursed and that anyone who went there would die. Although Bo Katan says this is not the case, such superstitions may not be so foreign to other Mandalorians.

If her acceptance of Darksaber without a fight means that her rule is illegitimate, perhaps Bo Katan and / or the rest of the Mandalore people believe that the cleansing and loss of Mandalore is their upgrade to accept a leader who violated Darksber’s most sacred tradition. It would also explain why Bo Katan believes she needs Darksaber to bring Mandalore back, as well as the fact that she only has a few other supporters with her. She may need to return Darksaber, legitimately this time, to prove herself worthy of a planet return.

The force works in mysterious ways Star Wars the universe has revealed many different religions or traditions that communicate with the Force in different ways, so we cannot directly rule out the possibility that the Great Purge of Mandalore was a real metaphysical retaliation for Bo Katan who militantly dropped the trial, though whether true or not. no, as Gideon said, the story matters. If the people of Mandalore believe that the purge was actually caused by Bo Katan violating Darksber’s demand to fight, then that’s just important and he will never gather behind a leader who didn’t violently defeat the former Darksber owner.

Currently, that person is Din Djarin, who has no ambition to be a leader or to gather Mandalorians to regain his native world. He is an ally with Bo Katan, but if he refuses to take over her goal Mandalorian Season 3, they can still find themselves in conflict, leading to Bo Katan trying to take the sword away from Dean – this time in the right way.

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