Manchester United must start winning trophies – Maguire

The Red Devils have had a hard time getting silverware in recent seasons, but they have made a big step towards a new trophy

Harry Maguire has called on Manchester United to start winning trophies again after beating Everton 2-0 in their Carabao Cup quarter-finals on Wednesday night.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team secured their place in the semi-finals thanks to late kicks by Edinson Cavani and Anthony Martial, and Manchester City are now expecting them in the final four.

The Red Devils, who have now won three consecutive games in all competitions, last won a silver medal in 2017 when Jose Mourinho led them to the Europa League title. Since then, Man Utd have made just one final with Solskjaer seeing his team lose three semi-finals last season.

Maguire, whose only silverware to date has reached a playoff win for the 2016 championship with Hull City, is desperate to see his side step up and end this season’s trophy drought.

“It was a great performance and we should have lost sight of it, we had three or four great chances. We need to be more clinical,” Maguire told Sky Sports after the match.

“Edinson Cavani ended up great on a weak foot as well. He had an injury, but it’s good that he got it back, he was a top striker throughout his career.

“We are expected to win trophies. It is important to get to these big games, but we have to start winning them and pick up some trophies for this club.

“We controlled the game and we fully deserved the win.”

Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti felt his side was competitive and could easily leave as the winners went their own way.

“We did enough to win – we had to defend a good performance, which we did well, but more in the second half. We had a difficult start, but after 20 minutes the game was under control – we didn’t play enough attacking football, but we had to we defend and until the last 20 minutes we did it well, ”Ancelotti said Sky Sports.

“They had more control, better quality, so the game was well defended, which we did. We had some opportunities in the counterattack, but it was a game we planned.

“We left too much open position in the midfield, and after that Cavani showed quality and scored a fantastic goal.”