Manchester United have sent £ 235 million to FSG and Liverpool

Manchester United’s commercial division continues to deliver the goods.

Despite what few years have been on the field in terms of trophies, however Ole Gunnar Solskjaer may have recently tried to swing it, it has not diminished their ability to use their status and historical success to bring the biggest deals to English football.

The latter is another milestone for United, signing a five-year contract with technology company TeamViewer worth around £ 235 million, a figure that makes it the largest part of its kind in T-shirts in the history of English football alone.

TeamViewer, a software firm that provides remote access solutions for companies that control the maintenance and remote management of computers and other devices, will begin a partnership with United next season and will replace U.S. auto company Chevrolet on both Old and Trafford home and away jerseys from the 2021 campaign / 22.

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The figure of £ 47 million per season, together with the £ 75 million per season they receive from equipment maker Adidas, clearly puts them ahead of commercial partnerships.

For Fenway Sports Group, Manchester United’s ability to capitalize on its historic success and global reputation is something Liverpool absolutely want a part of.

They have already set out in some way to address the first gap, bringing Nike to market as a kit supplier in a contract that, although commanding only £ 30 million per season, is expected to climb above the £ 70 million mark through its boosted structure. reciprocates 20 percent of the fees from the sale of Liverpool-branded goods globally.

Add to that the now significant interests of LeBron James through his partial ownership of FSG and Nike’s number one client status, and you have the option to set that United ceiling to be really beaten in the next 12 to 18 months.

Only at the end of the 2022/23 season will Liverpool try to hire a new main partner in the shirt or keep the existing one with Standard Chartered for even longer.

The financial services company is now in its tenth year as the main sponsor of the Reds T-shirt, which was taken over by Carlsberg at the start of the 2010/11 season, the Danish brewer sponsored the Reds before the 1992/93 season.

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The Standard Chartered contract was negotiated in 2018 for 20 million pounds more than the initial contract for 2010 and 10 million pounds more than the other agreement concluded. That £ 40 million per season weighs Liverpool four years and is worth around £ 160 million.

But when the rights come back, the FSG will seek to ensure they continue with that growth trend they are on, with the 2024 Champions League reform likely to see them give them huge amounts that are likely to significantly exceed what is currently being brought.

For United, the deal is the biggest hit of any sports organization during a pandemic.

The previous contract with Chevrolet also included a car sponsorship category of United, which they can now resell as individual rights.