Makinde is fulfilling my dream in Oja, says Ladoja

Agency reporter

Former Oyo State Governor Rashidi Ladoja said Governor Seyi Makinde is fulfilling his dream of a state.

The former governor praised the administrative resuscitation of the now-operational Pacesetter and Asphalt Limited quarry, Ijaiye, saying the effort, which he noted would boost the state’s economy, had made his dream of a project and a state come true.

Ladoja, who is also Osi Olubadan from Ibadaland, spoke during a visit to the asphalt factory in the company of the governor. He said it was heartfelt and commendable that Makinda’s management brought the plant back to life after two consecutive administrations left it.

The government handed over the quarry and asphalt to Pacesetter to Carboncor International Technology Limited under a public-private partnership arrangement.

A statement from Taiwan Governor Adiso’s press secretary quoted Governor Makinde as saying that the revival of the firm, which has now returned to full production, is an indication that the administration’s economic expansion program is working.

Makinde, who said he was pleased to see production at the plant underway, said the company was already contributing to the state’s economy by generating revenue, providing jobs and raw materials needed to build roads.

Speaking to reporters shortly after inspecting the site, Makinde said: “We think our strategy is working and you can see it. They contribute to their quota of the state’s economy. Yes, we are satisfied so far.

“It is a model of public-private partnership. They are fully responsible. They plan to expand the facility so they can do more. We don’t want potholes on our roads. So, this will help us achieve that goal. “

Earlier, senior boss Ladoja described the now operating factory as a dream come true, beating successive administrations, which left the factory as state-owned because, he said, the power plant could help reduce the cost of building material roads and also contribute to the economy.

“It’s a dream come true. The governor’s job is to dream, to get the people around him to carry out the dream. We dreamed and it bore fruit in that term and it worked. So after I left office, there were two governors who didn’t remember that sleep had to work.

“Now that this administration has come in and made it work, what do you think I should do?” How do you think I will feel? I am very happy that my dream did not die. I’m happy because the slogan back then was “awo o ka’ju il” when we came in to do it [resources are not sufficient to take care of things]. So, in order to make an ‘awo ka’ju ilu’, we decided that we had to break down the cost of the material.

“With this project, we also managed to reduce the price of asphalt for roads. By the grace of God, the price has dropped and we have managed to make more roads during that term and the roads are still there for everyone to see.

“If someone left this plant when you know that you can reduce the costs of road construction, it means that you are not actually a friend of the state. But I am very happy that this is working again and I can assure you that I will give them all my support to make sure this thing continues to work.

“People in this area are benefiting. The state benefits because the cost of building roads has certainly fallen. 100 or 200 people work and take meals from there every day. When we talk about unemployment, this is part of the solution.

“I am very grateful to the governor for making sure that it works and I can assure you that I will provide support for the continuation of this matter,” Ladoja said.