“Mad Max” spin-off “Furiosa” prepares for shooting in New South Wales – deadline

The wheels are lubricated at the hot expected Mad Max spin-off Furious, starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth.

A press conference was held today in the Australian state of New South Wales with directors George Miller and Hemsworth to confirm that the allocation is being prepared for filming in that territory next year.

Miller is now in post-production on his love picture Three thousand years of longing and will pass from that to Furious, which will star The Queen’s gambit actress Taylor-Joy in the story of the origin of the title Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron Crazy Max: Fury Road.

According to AP, the film is expected to become the largest ever made in Australia. New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said today that the project will invest at least AUD 350 million in the local economy and create 850 jobs.

Critics’ winner Anya Taylor-Joy in “Queen’s Gambit” Season 2: “Never Say Never”

As he reported Sydney Morning Herald from the event, Miller said the team wanted to shoot a key action section from the film this year because of the proposed reduction in the Aussie state tax incentive, and had already made cars and prepared stunts. However, the decision on the tax refund has now been reversed, and government representatives today confirmed the news from earlier this month that it will still remain at 40%, which has given producers more time.

Miller commented during the pressure that the long-running project was finally hitting the floor for stability at the Warner Bros. studio. Fury Road I think there were six different regimes in Warner Bros., ”he said. “Now it’s very stabilized and they can basically pay attention coherently to the movies they want to make, and this is one of them.”

He added that Furiosa will be the “unique” part of the franchise, but that he will be known to fans of the series. The director also stressed that he is looking forward to watching the movie in the cinema; Warner used the day and date policy for his entire 2021 theatrical board, meaning all of his releases are published directly online, but has since confirmed that this will change from 2022 onwards.

Furious it is scheduled for publication on June 23, 2023.

Miller was joined at the press event by Chris Hemsworth. The actor is currently on his native Aus set Thor: Love and thunder. He described working on Furious as “the greatest moment for myself, because I grew up watching it [Mad Max] and it’s so iconic … It’s a big part. Great pressure, but exciting pressure that is certainly motivating. “

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II also stars in Furious in an undiscovered role.

Fury Road it had a rock production, and the entire crew was forced to move to Namibia to complete the film after harsh Australian weather disrupted the original filming. The film debuted at Cannes in 2015 and grossed $ 376 million globally. In 2017, Miller’s production house Kennedy Miller Mitchell filed a lawsuit for an unpaid bonus from Warner, which continued the risks.

Australia has been dubbed “Aussiewood” this year after several prominent productions located there due to the country’s success in working with Covid. You can read more about it in Rocklatest feature.