Lynyrd Skynyrd Live At Knebworth ’76 Multi-format release set

Southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd are celebrating their historic 1976 performance with a multi-format release Lynyrd Skynyrd: Live at Knebworth ’76 available on DVD + CD, Blu-ray + CD, 2LP + DVD Limited Edition and April 9 digital video.

Originally available only in the 1996 film Freebird..Film, this latest part gives fans the opportunity to fully enjoy the 1976 performance.

The band performed at an all-day festival with people like Utopia Todd Rundgren and The Rolling Stones, playing crowds of over 150,000 people and effectively stealing the show to create a historic moment for Southern Rock.

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The film captures the moment when Lynyrd Skynyrd gained international fame with his performances of singled out songs “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Gimme Three Steps” and, of course, “Free Bird”.

With Allen Collins, Gary Rossington and Steve Gaines on guitar, Knebworth’s performance remains one of the best showcases of the band signing a “triple guitar attack”.

‘Live At Knebworth’ 76 ’also records the band’s original legendary line-up featuring Ronnie Van Zant, Gary Rossington, Allen Collins, Steve Gaines, Leon Wilkeson, Artimus Pyle, Billy Powell and The Honkettes, and honors those lost in the tragic airplane accident in 1977.

“Skynyrd caused a real buzz behind the scenes,” the late Knebworth festival organizer Freddy Bannister said in a 2017 interview. “We all wondered how anyone could follow them.” An hour later, we all started wondering if anyone would even try. ”

As a bonus, the Blu-ray set also includes an all-night documentary If I Leave Here Tomorrow: A Movie About Lynyrd Skynyrd. Originally released in 2018, the film explores the band’s music and history in detail.

Over 40 years since their inception, Lynyrd Skynyrd continues its legacy as an icon of American music. Continuing after the tragic plane crash of 1977, with sales of more than 30 million worldwide and 60 albums in their name, Lynyrd Skynyrd remains engraved as a key predecessor to Southern Rock.

Lynyrd Skynyrd: Live at Knebworth ’76 comes out on April 9, and here you can order in advance. See the complete list of songs below.

Lynyrd Skynyrd: A list of songs live in Knebworth ’76

1: I work for MCA
2: I’m not the one
3: Special Saturday Saturday
4: Search
5: Rock-A-Roller Whiskey
6: Passenger
7: Give me three steps
8: Call me a breeze
9: T For Texas
10: Sweet Home Alabama
11: Free bird