CAMBRIDGE, England, 24 December 2020 / PRNewswire / – Cambridge Diagnostic Imaging, CaDi,, ( launches LycovaryTM Daily, a new generation of dietary supplement for ovarian health in the family of oxygenation products. It provides clinically validated and personalized daily support to women from the beginning of their fertile phase to menopause.

Hundreds of millions of women around the world face problems before and during the period due to hormonal imbalance of the ovaries. In addition, fever and night sweats during menopause, early onset of osteoporosis and other health problems in later life also result from this imbalance.

Tissue oxygenation is necessary for any tissue function, including hormone production. This oxygenation gradually decreases naturally with age. However, tissue oxygen deprivation can occur at any age, caused by certain dietary deficiencies, negative lifestyle factors, or inflammatory conditions. This in turn would lead to a disturbance in the synchronization of the ovarian hormone cascade.

LycovaryTM Daily has developed Lycotec,, a biotechnology company based in Cambridge, UK. It is a patented DHA Omega 3 complex with the carotenoid molecules Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which, thanks to their unique technology, can provide women with targeted anti-aging lifelong support.

Clinical trials have shown that 250 mg of Lycovary ™ Daily DHA Omega 3 is 10-16 times stronger than conventional Omega 3 supplements and 4-5 times stronger than Omega 3 drugs. This superiority results in a much more efficient reduction of markers of inflammatory damage and strengthening of oxygenation and respiration of peripheral tissues. Increased bioavailability and targeted delivery reduce side effects and make excessive consumption of traditional Omega 3 and carotenoid products unnecessary.

CaDi, a member of the International Association of Fertility Societies, helps with ovarian health problems that affect half of the world’s female population. About 30-40% of women of reproductive age have premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and about 50% have dysmenorrhea, of which 15-20% have severe painful menstruation. 45-50% of all women have negative menopausal symptoms.

“We are pleased to announce that CaDi is launching LycovaryTM Every day to help women support their health and improve their quality of life. We are proud that many years of medical research has resulted in a powerful and effective dietary supplement that will be available worldwide from the beginning of next year, ”said Alex Shulepov, CEO of CaDi.

The combination of Lycovary ™ Daily with a personalized recommendation of the algorithm based on CaDi AI provides additional superior efficiency over existing Omega 3 and carotenoid products. It is safe, vegan and its active ingredients do not contain GMOs and are approved for humans.

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SOURCE Cambridge Diagnostic Imaging (CaDi)