Luke takes baby Yoda is not a hole (it’s a correction)

Because Ben Solo, aka Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), is known in the frame Star Wars the sequel trilogy as Luke Skywalker’s first apprentice (Mark Hamill), so it may seem like a loophole when Luke takes Grogu as his apprentice during the season 2 finale Mandalorian. However, this actually reinforces Luke’s story, rather than compromising it. If it’s Grog, he’s also famous Star Wars fandom as Baby Yoda, is one of Luke’s first failures as a Jedi teacher and teacher before the formation of the new Jedi Academy, his experience in Grogu training could provide a better background for his treatment of Ben Solo, as revealed in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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After Grogu was kidnapped by Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) and his dark soldiers, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), Cara Dune (Gina Carano), Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) and colleagues from Mandalore Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoss) and Koska Reeves (Mercedes Varnado) go on a mission to command Moff Gideon’s Imperial Cruiser and rescue Grogo in the season 2 finale, “Rescue.” After Dean defeated Moff Gideon in battle, Dean and his team barricaded themselves in the command deck when pursued by a fleet of dark soldiers. Before the droids attack, however, reinforcements arrive in the form of a mysterious Jedi, whom Grog contacted at the Jedi Temple on Tython. While Star Wars fans speculated on social media before the revelation that the Jedi could be Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels or Cal Kestis from Jedi: Turn on the order, instead it is revealed that it was the young Luke Skywalker during his Jedi Knights after the events of Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi.

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While Luke’s adventures are in between The return of the Jedi i The last Jedi they were never displayed on the screen, except the canonical ones Star Wars projects including Charles Soule’s comics Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren and a single-player game from EA Star Wars: Battlefront II reveal that Luke studied the original Jedi from the time of the Old and High Republics before he began training the next generation of Jedi. Inside Battlefront II, Luke’s discovery of the Jedi star’s compass sends him on a solo mission to the first Jedi temple on Ahch-Tou. In The rise of Kylo Ren, Luke finds an abandoned Jedi outpost containing Jedi texts and holocrons on a journey with Ben Sol. Since Luke is still exploring the original Jedi when Ben Solo is his apprentice, this suggests that Luke still doesn’t feel safe as a Jedi Master after the events from Mandalorian, which could be a consequence of his failure to train his potential trainee Grogu.

Ahsoka turned down Baby Yoda because of his weaknesses

Mandalorian Ahsoka Holding Grogu

When Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) meets Grogu in the episode “Chapter 13: Eat,” she decides she can’t train him because his weaknesses make him vulnerable to the dark side of the Force. Through a shared connection with the Force, Ahsoka and Grog begin to communicate by feeling each other’s thoughts. Grogu tells her about his past, revealing that he was raised in a Jedi temple on Coruscant, where he was trained by multiple Jedi masters. During the execution of Order 66 and the rise of the Empire to power, Grogua hid something unknown, after which his “memory became dark”. When Ahsoka tests Grogu’s abilities, Ahsoka feels that Grogu is very scared because he is suppressing his Jedi abilities in order to survive. Because of his traumatic past and attachment to Dino, Ahsoka eventually decides he can’t train Grogu because a relationship with Dino “makes him vulnerable to his fears”.

Ahsoka knows first hand how fear and attachment can affect a Jedi, as these feelings led to the downfall of her own Jedi Master, Anakin Skywalker called Darth Vader. In Mandalorian, Ahsoka implies that Anakin was “fully trained Jedi Knight”When he allowed his love for Padma Amidali’s wife and fear of impending death to make him vulnerable to the influence of Darth Sidious. Since Grog has never finished his training, he therefore lacks the discipline that stems from years of Jedi training, which brings him into an even greater disadvantage. During Ahsoka’s test, Grog proves that he allows his feelings to control him, because he is easily discouraged by the fear of ruling the Force. If Grogu continues his training in his emotional state, it could similarly lead him through the Sith, which is why Ahsoka suggests that Grogu’s abilities disappear completely.

Luke Skywalker was desperate to restore the Jedi

The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill

Probably the reason Luke Skywalker never hesitates to recruit Grogu, despite his weaknesses, is that Luke desperately wanted to restore the Jedi Order at this time on Star Wars timeline. Since Luke is one of the last remaining Jedi after the Galactic Empire era, he resorted to learning more about the Jedi by turning over the remains they left behind, touring the ruins of the temple and discovering ancient relics, which already speaks of his desperation to continue the Jedi way. Since Luke is responsible for advancing the new Jedi Order, it is logical that he would accept any force-sensitive being to be his disciple — especially one with Grogu’s current abilities and potentials — regardless of their shortcomings during the early days of his Jedi renewal quest.

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After meeting Grogu Mandalorian, Luke notices that Grog is waiting for Dino’s permission before leaving with Luke, suggesting that Luke is already aware of Grog’s attachment to Dino. Although it is unclear how much knowledge of Grogu’s strengths and weaknesses was passed on to Luke when he sensed Grogu’s presence in the Force, Luke does not pause to test Grogu’s abilities or assess his emotional stability as Ahsoka did when meeting him. Instead, Luke simply asks Grog to go with him and declares that, although Grog is strong in the Force, “talent without training is nothing. “Since Luke’s intention to coach Grogu never wavered, this further suggests that Luke always planned to recruit Grogu no matter what weaknesses he discovered in himself.

Luke Skywalker ignored his own weaknesses in Grogo

Star Wars Luke Darth Vader

Luke may have ignored Grog’s weaknesses when he considered him his apprentice, because Grog’s feelings of fear and attachment are at the same time Luke’s own weaknesses. In The return of the Jedi, Darth Sidious (Ian McDiarmid) tries to lure Luke to the dark side of the Force by fueling his anger, drawing attention to the Alliance’s impending failure and the likelihood that all his friends on Endor will die. During his duel with Darth Vader (James Earl Jones), his father more accurately senses Luke’s fear of losing his sister Leah (Carrie Fisher). From Vader used Luka’s attachment to Lei against him, Luka knows first hand how attachments can make a Jedi vulnerable to the dark side.

In Luke’s own experience, however, feelings of attachment and fear also benefit, as Vader saved Luke from being killed by Darth Sidious because of their relationship as father and son. Since Luke’s feelings of attachment and fear did not threaten him as a Jedi and brought Vader back to the light side of the Force before his death, this could also explain why Luke would be impatient to ignore those feelings in Grogu; unlike Master Yoda and Ahsoka, he believes that they do not cause the automatic fall of the Jedi.

Baby Yoda sets the future for Kylo Ren

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Ben Solo and Baby Yoda

Instead of creating a hole in the conspiracy, Luke decided to train Grogu for his apprentice Mandalorian actually provides more context that explains why Luke so quickly doubts his apprentice Ben Solo Star Wars the sequel trilogy. In The last Jedi, Luke explains in detail what happened that night when Ben Solo turned to the dark side and crashed his Jedi Academy. Luke admits to Rey (Daisy Ridley) that he often felt darkness in Ben Sol during their training, but when he went to face him, Luke noticed that Ben Sol’s heart had already turned on Snoke. In a passing moment of fear, Luke tries to prevent the destruction that Kylo Ren would cause in the future by trying to kill him, which basically pushes Ben to the dark side of the Force.

Had Luke similarly failed to recognize the perceived weakness in his past apprentice Grogu, it would surely explain why Luke is wary of darkness in Ben Sol to the point that his fear leads him to almost kill Ben. Since Luke could see well inside Lord Sith Darth Vader, it is not in line with Luke’s history, as he assumed that Ben’s connection to the light side of the Force was indispensable unless his experience of Grogu’s training ended disastrously and taught him how to avoid any signs of weakness in future trainees. It would also explain Luke’s view that the transfer of his knowledge of the Force to Ben was the result of his own “humiliation.” As one of the last remaining Jedi, Luke certainly couldn’t blame himself for wanting to pass on his wisdom to his nephew Ben, but that, after another apprentice may have failed, could explain why he blames himself for trying.

Alternatively, it is not yet official that Grog will actually be Luke’s first apprentice. Although Luke states that Grogua should be trained to foster his talent, he never really states that he will be the one to do it. If season 3 of Mandalorian going back to Grogu’s story, he could throw the audience into a crook by having Luke deliver Grogu to one of the remaining Jedi for training and instead discover that Luke took Grogu for the same reason he searches for Jedi artifacts and through the ruins of past Jedi temples. Grogu is a technical relic of the pre-Galactic Empire era, training with past Jedi Masters and, as this seems to be the moment when Grogu’s memory is clearest, Luke will in turn be able to learn something from Grogu.

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