Liverpool’s remaining schedule relative to Chelsea, West Ham and the other four best rivals

As attention returns to Liverpool’s Premier League, eyes will once again focus on their desire to try to return to the top four.

Last week’s win over Arsenal led the Reds to close the gap by a top four to two points, which extended to three after West Ham’s win over the Wolves.

There will be a touch of disappointment after the defeat by Real Madrid in the Champions League, but Jurgen Klopp and his players will still believe they can make up for the pitch in the remaining matches.

It starts with a home clash against Aston Villa over the weekend, while Liverpool seem to have ended a series of six consecutive home defeats in the league.

Liverpool they have eight games to catch up with their rivals and with that in mind, here’s a review of the schedule list.

The Spurs have five home games and three away games left – but the advantage remains to be seen in the current climate. And four of those games are played against Manchester United, Everton, Villa and Leicester.

Leicester and West Ham are currently in pole position to secure third and fourth place as they occupy those places in the table. But the Foxes have a tough final set, and the Hammers have a few awkward hurdles to negotiate in the next five.

Chelsea have daunting tasks at the very end of the campaign, while Liverpool still have to play Villa and United from the top half of the table.

Schedule Leicester City

April 10: West Ham (A)

April 17: West Brom (H)

April 24: Crystal Palace (H)

May 1: Southampton (A)

May 8: Newcastle (H)

May 11: Man United (A)

May 15: Chelsea (A)

May 23: Tottenham (H)

West Ham schedule

April 10: Leicester (H)

April 17: Newcastle (A)

April 24: Chelsea (H)

May 1: Burnley (A)

May 8: Everton (H)

May 11: Brighton (A)

May 15: West Brom (A)

May 23: Southampton (H)

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Chelsea schedule

April 10: Crystal Palace (A)

April 17: Brighton (H)

April 24: West Ham (A)

May 1: Fulham (H)

May 8: Man City (A)

May 12: Arsenal (H)

May 15: Leicester City (H)

May 23: Aston Villa (A)

Tottenham schedule

April 11: Man United (H)

April 16: Everton (A)

April 21: Southampton (H)

May 1: Sheffield United (H)

May 8: Leeds (A)

May 12: Wolves (H)

May 15: Aston Villa (H)

May 23: Leicester City (A)

Liverpool matches

April 10: Aston Villa (D)

April 17: Leeds (A)

April 24: Newcastle (H)

May 1: Man United (A)

May 8: Southampton (H)

May 11: West Brom (A)

May 15: Burnley (A)

May 23: Crystal Palace (H)

Everton schedule

April 10: Brighton (A)

April 17: Tottenham (H)

April 24: Arsenal (A)

May 1: Aston Villa (H)

May 8: West Ham (A)

May 11: Sheffield United (H)

May 15: Wolves (H)

May 23: Man City (A)

* Villa vs Everton still have a date after a delay earlier in the season.