Liverpool make another decision on the midfield after the agreement of Gini Wijnaldum

As it currently stands, Gini Wijnaldum will leave Liverpool at nothing at the end of the season. But that’s just the beginning of the big decisions the Reds will have to make in that area of ​​the field.

There are several players who have contracts that run until 2023, and Naby Keita is among the most intriguing of them.

Keita’s talent is clear to everyone – after all, Liverpool don’t spend £ 52 million on a player unless they see it as a game-changing bonus.

But so far, Keita’s injuries have limited his impact. The most consecutive starts in the Premier League that Guinea has ever managed to string together is four, achieved on only three separate occasions.

Just when the 25-year-old is playing in impressive form, an accident seems to happen.

“It’s Keith’s Day with Keith,” Paul Gorst said in the Blood Red podcast.

“The same cycle he was in for two and a half years in which he joined the team, showed up well and showed encouraging signs, but then after a bit of running he notices an injury and is missing for the X games.

“I wouldn’t get too optimistic or excited about it [him being fit again] because we know it usually happens with Keith, even though Crystal Palace was a good, solid step in the right direction.

“He did defensive work when needed and used the ball well.

“It was good to see him get under the belt for a few minutes, because that only stopped him from making a head of steam.

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“More will be expected when it starts and he flies, with a good series of games under his belt, but he just didn’t make it.”

Keita’s quality has never been questionable, but questions remain about his ability to stay in shape.

Given that there will be a two-year deal on Liverpool next year, it will take some time to think about rebuilding.

The same can be said for Mohamed Salah, Jordan Henderson, Sadio Mane, Fabinho, Virgil van Dijk, Roberto Firmino, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Xherdan Shaqiri.

As the youngest in the group, an extension of Keita’s stay – given his obvious talent – should be given.

As Ian Doyle added, “What I would say about Keita is that I don’t think it’s a surprise that Liverpool scored those seven goals when he was in the starting line-up.

“He is a midfielder whose first thought is to pick up the ball and play it forward.

“The two goals were [partly down to him], with the second ball to the edge of the area, which led to a shootout that ended with Firmin finding Mane.

“And his ball to the right helped Trent Alexander-Arnold set up a fourth for Henderson.

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“With Liverpool in recent weeks, the strikers have had to do it a little for themselves, certainly far from home, where Liverpool looked solid.

“But with Keith on the team, he can connect with the top three and there are certain games where that will be necessary.

“Keita is able to do that not necessarily by running with the ball, but by passing it on. If he manages to play a few games, there will be someone who can make a big difference.”

In order to make a big difference, he still has to stay in shape and go out on the field more often. With just over two years left on his contract, Liverpool fans will soon discover how much faith the Reds have in him that he can.