Little Simz announces new album Sometimes I Could Be an Introvert for the September 2021 release and shares a video for the triumphant new song “Introvert”

Little Simz announces new album Sometimes I Could Be an Introvert for the September 2021 release and shares a video for the triumphant new song “Introvert”

British rapper Little Simz shared a new song called “Introvert” and announced that it’s the lead single from an album called Sometimes I could be an introvert. The full edition is scheduled for September 3, 2021 via Age 101.

“Sometimes I could be an introvert / There’s a war inside / I hear battle cries,” sings Little Sims near the beginning of “The Introvert.” The text of the song deals with the way in which external struggles stimulate internal feelings, and the maximalist instrumental of the song serves as the chaos of the world around the inner thoughts of Little Simz. There are dramatic strings, militant drums, a cinematic choir and many more elements that all come together to create an almost six-minute epic.

Simza’s texts are full of comments on current events and unforgettable quotes. Of all the lines she quotes, perhaps the end of the last verse is the best way to summarize the content of the song: “I am directly influenced, it more than just upsets me / Look beyond the surface, don’t just see what you want to see? / My speech is not involuntary / a project with intent straight from the lungs / I am black and proud / we walk in blind faith not knowing the outcome / but as long as we are united, then we have already won. ”

The ambitious music video for the song seems to compare modern times to centuries ago, combining footage of last year’s Black Lives Matter protests with complex scenes painted by Renaissance painters. Looking even further back, Little Sims and a group of performers can be seen dancing in London’s Natural History Museum. Scenes of black solidarity and family ties are also mixed. Directed by Salomon Ligthelm, he combines all these elements using various techniques, and small details add a broader picture, fitting Little Simz’s ideas into the bigger picture.

Sometimes I could be an introvert will be a sequel to Little Simz for her highly acclaimed 2019 album GRAY area, which reached mxdwn’s list of the best albums for that year. Last year, she also released an EP called Chapter 6 which has one of the mxdwn best songs of 2020, “Maybe banging, maybe not.” She has recently collaborated with artists including Yuna, Anna Wise and James BKS.

The upcoming album was produced by Inflo and features Cleo Sol, Obongjayar and Emma Corrin. It is available for physical pre-registration on the benchmark Web page, where there are several options of colored vinyl and new Sometimes I could be an introvert merch.

Sometimes I could be an introvert Tracklist:

1. Introvert
2. Woman (ft. Cleo Sol)
3. Two worlds separated
4. I love you, I hate you
5. Mali Q Pt 1 (Interlude)
6. Small Q Pt 2
7. Jewels (interlude)
8. Speed
9. Ovation in a standing position
10. I see you
11. Rapper who came for tea (Interlude)
12. Rollin Stone
13. Protect my energy
14. Never promise (interlude)
15. Score and Kill (ft. Obongjayar)
16. Fear No Man
17. Garden (interlude)
18. How did you get here
19. Miss Understood