Lionel Messi Comp against England’s biggest clubs proves he would destroy the Premier League

Lionel Messi enjoyed torturing the biggest teams in the Premier League in the Champions League, as the compilation highlighted him as “humiliating” and “destroying” English clubs.

The 33-year-old Argentine superstar has played 34 matches against the English side and has been on Barcelona’s win on 18 occasions.

Messi may have suffered seven defeats from the English side, but the Barcelona captain scored an incredible 26 times and picked up six assists in 34 matches.

Now one compilation has shown the stunning performances of the six-time Ballon d’Or winner against English elite clubs.

Messi’s cult performance against Arsenal appeared in the compilation while the Argentine captain scored an impressive four times against the Gunners.

“His haters say he can’t play [the Premier League], “wrote one fan.

While someone else posted, “And a lot of idiots say he’s only playing against small teams. He’s just torturing these big clubs.”

The third claimed: “I [people] let’s say that Messi can’t play in the EPL because he only scores goals for small teams in La Liga … now, I don’t hate or anything like that, but one of the best players [the] Premier League, [Eden] Hazard, I can’t even score a goal against these small teams. ”

And the fifth added: “Messi has broken up a new one for every English side he has played against and they say he can’t play in Prem.”

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United Kingdom legend Wayne Rooney has insisted he would like to see the Argentine striker in the Premier League, saying he is “the best player of all time”.

The 35-year-old Derby County manager told talkSPORT last year: “Every day of the week [I would love to see Messi in the Premier League].

“I know he’s a little older, but no one has ever seen a player like him [before].

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“There is that debate about Messi or [Cristiano] Ronaldo and Messi simply have it all. He can create goals, score goals. He is the best player of all time.

“If he can come to the Premier League, whichever team he is, and I believe it’s just Manchester City or Manchester United – I’d take Messi to United.”