Leon Edwards: ‘Strange’ Colby Covington doesn’t want these hands

After Khamzat Chimaev was ousted for the second time from a scheduled match against Leon Edwards over COVID-19, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White has promised to give Rocky a big fight. Finally, this is now the third time that a scheduled fight between the two has been canceled.

Shortly afterwards, White revealed that the UFC wedding guests wanted to book Edward against former interim light heavyweight champion Colby Covington, and the winner earned a title shot. Although Edwards is for it, he doesn’t believe the feeling is mutual.

“I know for sure that’s what the UFC is forcing,” Edwards said in an interview with The Bash that was rewritten by The Mac Life. “They put it on me, they put it on his team. “Colby Covington, you can’t say what’s going to happen because he’s a weird, weird man,” he added

“So it’s hard to say one hundred percent that it will happen. I know the fight sounds good to me and my team. The UFC wants a fight. I don’t know, maybe he’ll run again. You never know. I’m ready to go, the UFC is ready to go, they’re forcing a fight.

According to Rocky, Covington – who hasn’t competed since beating Tyron Woodley last September – will try to avoid a fight at all costs.

“He doesn’t even want to say my name. So he probably doesn’t want to get these hands either. Who knows, he’s a weird, weird man. … If they go that route to making Masvidal against Usman, then where is he going? He has to fight me, ”Edwards added. I am in third place in the world. I’ll get out there, I’ll beat him and that will get me in line for the title for next year. “

Usman called for a rematch against Jorge Masvidal shortly after he knocked out Gilbert Burns at UFC 258 (see again here), it appears White and Co. in combat. If that fight does happen, there is no other option for Covington at the moment, especially if he wants to return to the big dance.