Leeds vs Southampton: Oriola Romeu’s heroic first-league fight this season

Leeds United vs Southampton were not necessarily at the top of football accounts on Tuesday night.

Don’t get me wrong, this shouldn’t be the case, as both sides play fun football, but it was the Champions League that took center stage for most fans.

However, before Atletico Madrid against Chelsea or Lazio against Bayern Munich could go at all, it was enough for the fans to grit their teeth during the night’s lone Premier League title.

Leeds United vs Southampton

Plus, even though the first half on Elland Road ended goalless, there was no shortage of drama with the VAR saving us from one of the worst penalty decisions we’ve seen all season.

Everyone with respect for the beautiful game was relieved when Andre Marriner reversed the decision to award Southampton a penalty for Marcos Llorente’s attack on Nathan Tell.

But other than the inevitable controversy over the VAR, there was also good old-fashioned football to celebrate, as Saints midfielder Oriol Romeu crafted arguably the best solution for 2020/21.

Romeo shows his pace

In an era of play where breathing behind another player’s neck can seemingly drive you away, one can’t help but feel that the art of skating is dying out.

But try to say that to former Chelsea midfielder Romeo, when he risked awarding a wall hit, sliding on Raphinho, when he seemed set to fire the Whites into the lead.

For starters, Romeo – who isn’t known for his pace – looked like he was completely 10 yards behind rivals Leeds when Southampton’s defense broke through in the counterattack.


Romeo’s stunning accessories

And not only did the Spaniard eat meters to catch up with Raphinha, but he ran his foot through the eye of the needle to pull out a stunning accessory that could so easily go wrong.

Intrigued, right? Well, be sure to check out Romeo’s Herculean accessories in Yorkshire below:

What an absolute hero.

Incredible courage

In a world where David Luiz was fired for virtually no reason against the Wolverhampton Wanderers earlier in the year, you have to respect Romeo’s courage to even try to fight.

Plus, getting into accessories is risky at the best of times, but even more so when you’re chasing the ball behind your back, and the player you’re challenging is literally clean on goal.


And while, yes, you can claim that Romeo was cheeky that he was basically flirting with a red card, you can’t help but like some old-fashioned football when he occasionally leans his head back.

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