Learn how to download Christmas stickers on Whatsapp and virtually spread the holiday joy – more lifestyles

We live in times when the Internet has become a necessity. Even more so during the outbreak of Covid-19. Although people stay at home to suppress the spread of the new coronavirus and to physically meet their loved ones, the families have been shut down by families. Video calls and Whatsapp messages became the savior of life as they tried to stay connected to the outside world.

Although this year’s festivals and holidays were hasty, with the help of the internet people were able to cheer themselves up and that’s exactly what happens during Christmas as well. Sending Christmas cards to your loved ones this time must be virtual, and we are here to help you with that.

Everyone will send Christmas wishes Whatsapp but we’ll share with you the steps to download some nice stickers in the messaging app to send a little more Christmas cheers to your loved ones.

Steps for downloading labels Whatsapp:

1. Open Whatsapp on your phone.

2. Open a chat window for the contact or group in which you want to send the Christmas party.

3. Click the emoji button and go to the stickers section. You will see a plus sign (+) in the upper right corner of the sticker window. Click on it to get a full list of stickers.

4. Browse the list and download the ones you love and think can be sent to your family. If you don’t find anything you prefer, don’t worry. Click on the option to retrieve more labels that you will find at the end of the list.

5. You will finally be redirected to the gaming store, where you will be able to see more apps that have Christmas stickers and you will be able to choose from this list.

6. Once you have finalized the app, download it and return to your own Whatsapp, open the stickers section and your newly downloaded stickers will be available there.

What are you waiting? Send a little cheer to your family. Yet it is the Ho Ho Ho holidays.

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