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Genshin Impact is back with another new 1.2 update and brings many new tasks, a brand new extension known as Dragonspine. Here you will know how many crimson agates are in the game, and also about the interactive Genshin Impact map that helps players find objects and locations in the game.

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Locations of crimson agates in Genshin Impact

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Players can get a lot of Crimson Agate by wandering around Dragonspine, but that still won’t be enough to raise Glacier Trees to a maximum level of 12. The highest level that all this can get to Frosbearing is around level 8, which is why you’ll have to participate in Crimson Wish missions which is also unlocked when the tree reaches level 8.

Genshin Impact Crimson Wish will present players with a set of new quests in Teyvat. On Mondays and Fridays, 5 new tasks become available (a total of 10 per week), which players can complete to earn Crimson Agate. A total of over 50 crimson agates can easily be found by researching Genshin Impact, and players can get them in many different ways.

  • They can hide behind rocks or even float in the air
  • Sometimes it will be necessary to take special measures to detect them.
  • One Scarlet Agate on the northeast side of the map can only be obtained after defeating the enemy and draining the pool to reveal the underwater chest.
  • Many other Agathas can also be found inside chests even after defeating enemies.
  • Other Hidden Scarlet Agates are hidden behind magical ice that cannot be melted using the Pyro character.
    • Then players will have to find veins for Scarlet Quartz (another new addition in update 1.2) that will allow any character to break the magic ice.
  • Weather challenges, wind currents, Fire Seelie puzzles and bridges are some of the ways to find all the Crimson Agates.
  • One Crimson Agate requires a player to go through a task called Priest, Princess and Scribe. Here the player must find three different boxes and unlock a secret room.

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