Leak detection that Nintendo is hacking even more seriously than expected

The latest news about the leak of information about Nintendo reveals that the company is taking hacking even more seriously than some might have expected – some may even say exaggerated.

New Nintendo the leak has spilled a lot of secrets, but perhaps the most shocking is that fans have actually underestimated how seriously the company takes hackers trying to break into its assets. Nintendo is known for its strict policies regarding its hardware and software, which has earned it a reputation among consumers as a “fun police” when it comes to fan projects like modded Pokemon projects and other efforts.

While Nintendo continues to record continued success thanks to the power of the Nintendo Switch and its first-class lineup of great games, the company itself has been suffering from some image issues lately. Recently, Nintendo has come under fire for treatment Super Smash Bros. Melee community, forcing the online tournament to be canceled because it used third-party software as a “mod”. The mode in question is one that simply allows you to play the game online, and given the current situation in the world, the decision from Nintendo in particular felt like it was made in bad taste. While it is Super Smash Bros. Melee the community gathered around this issue and came looking stronger and more uniform, a reminder that Nintendo’s image of the family does not necessarily extend to any potential leniency toward company policies.

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Now there has been a new leak from Nintendo – he documented @eclipse_tt on Twitter – has revealed the ultimate lengths that Nintendo is willing to go to to fight potential hackers who hack into its hardware. The crack reveals how the company dealt with Neimod, a hacker who hacked into the 3DS. According to the documents, the company came up with monitoring Neimod’s behavior, documenting where they live and what their work week and routine look like. The company had policies in place to get in touch with them and get them to stop hacking the Nintendo 3DS, including an incredibly detailed flow chart that maps how best it feels it should embark on the process.

Honestly, Nintendo’s detailed report here is daunting and shows how far the company will go to protect its hardware. Nintendo has long held that it will not tolerate hackers and has repeatedly shown that this is the case, with quick action suppressing even hints of potential illegal activities. Naturally, companies protect assets and IP addresses, but it always feels like Nintendo has been particularly strict, especially when it comes to modification.

Despite the recent negativity surrounding Nintendo, it is unlikely that this leak by Nintendo about the company’s extreme hacking policies will dramatically change anything in its move forward. Nintendo is still extremely profitable, has an amazing and liked console in the Nintendo Switch, and is still the first factory candidate for Game of the Year. Yet, if nothing else, this leak from Nintendo should illustrate what potential Nintendo hackers are getting into – and why it’s probably not worth the effort.

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Source: @ eclipse_tt / Twitter

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