Leah Sharibu another child? Boko Haram kidnaps Dapchi student’s latest “birth” news

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Leah Sharibu of schoolgirl Wey Boko Haram was kidnapped from the government’s science and technology high school, Dapchi for Yobe State for February 2018.

Leah Sharibu another baby? We know that yousef dey miracle weda di Dapchi schoolgirl wey Boko Haram has been kidnapped since February 2018. truth-gave birth to another child as a hostage.

Leah Sharibu’s dad Nathan Sharibu doesn’t react to the news that their daughter has given birth to their second child in Boko Haram captivity.

Tori be say Nigerian local media report that bin dey reports on Tuesday that a US rights group does not regret the plight of abandoned Christian schoolgirl Daptchi heroine with a report that she gave birth to another child in captivity

BBC neva fit confam dis application wey dis group claims to be happy.

Oga Sharibu Nathan, it could be Leah, Dad speaks to BBC News Pidgin on Wednesday night in a devastating tone and says, “As far as I’m concerned, it’s all rumors.”

He says I never hear anything about a daughter who gave birth in the camp of her kidnappers.

He says I don’t hear anything from my daughter or the kidnapper from the kidnapping.

“I never hear anything from a dem.” Oga Nathan tok.

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Oga Nathan also says that several times the federal government has not promised to ensure the release of its daughter, but that it will do nothing.

“I’ve spoken out with the demo a few times, so far I’ve been negative and I can’t repeat anything.” he adds am.

Various rumors about Cain have been happening frequently since the 2018 kidnapping of Leah Sharib. In January, some Nigerian newspapers say Lea became pregnant with a Boko Haram commander who married her and lives outside Nigeria.

On February 19, 2018, Boko Haram kidnapped Leah with some ode students from the Government Technical College, Dapchi, Yobe State

The federal government later secured the release of some dem, but a militant group, not letting Leah go green and, say, keeping Leah for dialogue because it refused to convert to Islam.

For August 2019, a Nigerian goment said Leah Sharibu is still not alive. At the time, Nigeria’s senior special assistant to the president, media and publicity, Garba Shehu, said the Bukhari administration would not give up until he returned safely.

Sharib was joined by more than 100 school girls Wey Boko Haram kidnapped in 2018 from Dapchi, di militants do not want to release her, freed di odasa.

Shehu says, ” Instead of giving up, di goment dey arranges some cans to ensure her release. “