Lawsuit filed against Sony’s PS5 DualSense for ‘controller drift’

The American law firm has hit Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) with a class action lawsuit, claiming that PS5 DualSense controllers are defective due to drift.

According to a report from IGN the lawsuit, filed on behalf of plaintiff Lmarc Turner by law firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP, focuses solely on the problem of DualSense and Sony’s reliance on its resolution. The complaint notes that DualSense controllers have a “malfunction that results in moving characters or playing on the screen without a user command or manual joystick control,” also known as “moving the controller.”

It is also alleged that Sony was reportedly aware of the situation “through consumer complaints online, complaints sent by consumers directly to it and through its own pre-release testing”.

The lawsuit alleges that consumers who contacted Sony when faced with controller problems faced limited repair options, which include “a long wait and must deal with a maze of pre-recorded phone inquiries before finally talking to an agent about with repairs. “

For the class action lawsuit, Turner is reportedly seeking a jury trial, “monetary compensation for the damage suffered, a declaratory and public ban.” The exact details of the damage sought are still unclear.

Turner reportedly bought their PS5 by about February 5, 2021, and discovered the problem of moving the controller the same day. The documents note that Turner would not have bought the console or “paid much less” if he had known about the breakdown in enthusiasm.

Sony reportedly only performed a “minor repair” of the damaged controllers and returned it to consumers “which is still defective and susceptible to the manifestation of Drift Defect in the future.”

Sony reportedly did not respond to the lawsuit. He also did not comment on the situation.