Kylie Jenner faced protesters after a private shopping trip

In step with the Kardashians, star Kylie Jenner had to face furious protests after her recent private shopping trip over the weekend.

In step with the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner had to face angry protesters after a recent private shopping trip over the weekend. As the story goes, Kylie closed the designer store to the public so she could shop there on her own.

Kylie Jenner lived quite luxuriously KUWTK star and founder of Kylie Cosmetics. In fact, Kylie was only 10 when her family started the business In step with the Kardashians reality show. For the past 14 years, fans have watched Kylie not only grow up but also create a million-dollar empire for herself, Kylie Cosmetics. At just 18, Kylie, with the help of her mom Chris Jenner, created a lip company that soon became a global hit. Now the brand has opted for eyeshadow palettes, eyebrow kits, and even skin care products. Anyway, just like most of her sisters, Kylie is constantly seen with her designer clothes and luxurious travels on social media.

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The In step with the Kardashians fans were not entirely happy with Kylie Jenner’s gimmicks over the past weekend. In fact, Daily mail reported that Kylie was approached by angry protesters as she left the shopping trip. Kylie closed the entire design store on Rodeo Drive so she could shop privately there. As she finished shopping and drove around, Kylie unexpectedly faced “an army of furious fur protesters“These protesters were standing on the sidewalks with inscriptions on which they wrote slogans like ‘stop the abuse“i”wear your own skin. “Despite the attack for fur clothing support, Kylie was seen in a gray buffer jacket and baggy jeans. Kylie’s fiery red hair was pulled back with a hairpin.

In the video he shared TMI.Buzz (seen above), protesters can be heard shouting at Kylie Jenner, like things. “shame on you“to buy fur clothes. Security had to keep angry individuals who started swarming with Kylie’s car. Animal rights activists tried to stop Kylie’s departure. Her driver struggled to pull away as individuals continued to jump in front of the vehicle even though they were pushed away by security. Kyliein a security guard slowly steered the car out of the parking lot as he continued to drive away the protesters.The driver eventually managed to get safely out of the parking lot with the help of security.

Despite sounding like a scary encounter, In step with the Kardashians the star didn’t seem to mind as she sat in her car. This could be because this is not Kylie’s first encounter with angry protesters. Luckily, with the help of her bodyguard and driver, Kylie Jenner was able to get home safely after a private Christmas shopping trip.

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Source: Daily Mail, TMI.Buzz

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