KFC has released a 240 FPS game console that heats up the chicken

Since 2020 wasn’t weird enough already, fast food chain KFC has now released a game console that can also heat up your dinner. Chain teased on the concept back in June with a trailer posted on Twitter.

At the time, no one still believed that the console would really be released. After all, what does a fast food restaurant have to do with games?


The right product

The console was made in collaboration with Cooler Master and needed their official joint statement to believe that this product is real. “Moving away from our initial teaser campaign earlier this year, we’re so glad we finally gave fans exactly what they wanted; turning KFConsole into reality,” said KFC public relations chief Mark Cheevers.

“We all know that the war with consoles is enchanted, but we are very confident in KFConsole as our leading entry. This machine is capable of running games to the highest specifications, all on top to keep your meal warm so you can enjoy your gaming experience during it. .. what they wouldn’t like? If Sony or Microsoft wanted advice on how to design a chicken chamber next time, they would be welcome to get in touch. “

4K and 240 fps

The console is capable of 4K and 240FPS, and KFC and Cooler Master say the system uses the system’s natural heat and airflow to keep your chicken warm and fresh. The device features an Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element that saves space and provides powerful driving performance, while two Seagate® BarraCuda® 1TB SSDs allow games to run in seconds. The console is also ready for VR.

There is no word yet on the price range of this game console and the complete specifications have yet to be revealed, but we are still excited. The question we want to answer the most now is can we get it for Christmas?