Kevin Spacey’s Christmas video ‘It It Better’

Kevin Spacey recording the video “Improving” 2020 sounds like a perverted joke from a pitcher The other two or Tough people,, but it is very real even if you watch it ghost from whom Ring they will find you. For Spacey’s third annual address on Christmas Eve on YouTube since Anthony Rapp first made accusations of sexual behavior against him in 2017, he refrains from going full Frank Underwood in favor of a worryingly close conversation with the camera. Spacey says, “A lot of people turned to me last year and shared their own struggles,” and that “touchingly, so many people talked about things getting so bad for them that they were thinking of taking their own lives.” Spacey urges all willful souls who would turn to Kevin Spacey – a man accused by over thirty alleged victims of sexual assault – to “please don’t take that step”. One of Spacey’s accusers, Ari Behn, took his own life this time last year. Spacey called the video title “1-800 XMAS”, and we assume that based on the theme of the video, it is a reference to the logical song “1-800-273-8255” from many years ago. Spacey ends the video with the message “It’s getting better.” This is strange and deaf, because the creator of the movie “Everything is getting better” is Dan Savage gloriously condemned Spacey in 2017 how he “justified” his sexual violence for imprisonment. Also: What happens to Spacey’s lip?