Justin and Hailey Bieber try out the night look of the new date

The mantra in the pair of Justin and Hailey Bieber is always boldly or go home. The duo love to express their looks when they are together, whether they are sweating or dressed for a night out. They share a mutual obsession with designer labels. Justin gravitates to streetwear, while Hailey adores fresh looks from the runway. However, for their latest trip, they opted for a more soothing atmosphere. The classic certainly suits them well.

For the occasion, Hailey wore a classic little black AZ Factory dress and paired it with black pumps with a pointed top. Justin complemented her in a blue suit, white buckles, and black chisel boots. They also get bonus points for taking off a wide-brimmed hat. While we love nightly meetings where they pull out trendy hoodies or a loud bag of statements, it’s nice to see them lean into timeless style. Maybe it’s the result of married life and growing up, or maybe it’s their new spring look reappearing (now it’s time to try a new look!). Whatever it is, it obviously works out in their favor.