Juggy D arrested for alleged domestic violence? Singer talks about his ‘wrong actions’

Punjabi singer-songwriter Juggy D was arrested on Tuesday in London for domestic violence. According to a recent exclusive report by Pinkville, the singer’s wife of British Indians, Kiran Sandhi arrested him on Tuesday and filed a harassment lawsuit against him. A source close to Juggy told the entertainment portal that Kiran was going through a bad phase and it is shocking that the wife after 11 years of marriage with three children had to decide to separate.

London police arrest Juggy D?

According to information obtained by Pinkville, the Punjabi singer was having fun at the The Claridges Hotel in New Delhi with girls and drugs and flew back to London to surprise his wife Kiran on their 11th birthday. And upon his return, Kiran picked up Juddy’s phone and read a few messages, which eventually upset Juddy. The report adds that the singer became ballistic and started beating Kiran, and then she called the London police and asked for help.

According to the report, when Kiran went through Juddy’s phone, she found out through his chats that he had cheated on her. She also learned that he and singer Guru Randhawa were getting married and taking drugs. She posted several of the singer’s chats about the availability of an escort on his Instagram account. However, the posts were later deleted. However, Juggy later wrote a note on social media about his proven lunch on Guru Randhawa and Navjot Singh who were not “involved” in this part of his life.

One of the now deleted posts, which included two videos and a screenshot of the chat, was titled, “I do drugs and I constantly hire escorts to Delhi and Mumbai (sic).” Meanwhile, another video posted on the Insta feed by Juggy Da, presumably, from a private party called “Special Video for My Brother @gururandhawa”. On the other hand, the third post was a screenshot of his conversation with someone named Guru India. As mentioned earlier, all three posts have now been deleted, and the last post visible on the singer’s Instagram feed is his anniversary for Kiran.

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