Joseph Parker’s manager says Derek Chisora ​​is heading for disaster and retirement in their heavyweight showdown May 1 | Boxing News

Joseph Parker manager David Higgins has made a harsh assessment of opponent Derek Chisora, suggesting the British heavyweight is heading towards ‘disaster’ and ‘retirement’.

Chisora’s high-stakes fight with Parker is just nine days away on May 1, live at the Sky Sports box office, on a blockbuster block that also includes Katie Taylor’s undisputed lightweight title fight with Natasha Jonas and the return of Chris Eubank Jr.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has informed Parker that he is on just one win from the world title controversy, and Higgins believes Chisora ​​could be forced to consider his future in the sport after a crushing defeat.

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Joseph Parker
Parker is ready for an explosive knockout, says Higgins


Chisora ​​returns to its heavyweight rivalry with Parker on May 1st

“On his day, he [Chisora] he can show up and knock out someone, like he did against Carlos Takam, and that’s why we always have to be careful about it, ”Higgins told Ringside Toe 2 Toe podcast.

“But provided Joseph Parker doesn’t make a stupid mistake and execute his game plan, I see him retiring Derek Chisora.

“I’m not sure what David Haye does other than run Chisora, so I could, because I love a guy, offer him a job at Duco Events.

“David Haye is welcome to come and work here in New Zealand, for me, after the fight.”

But rival manager David Haye has warned that Parker could be on penalties if he attacks Chisora ​​up close.

“There will have to be continuous beatings and he is [Chisora] it will need to get deep inside and dirty, ”said Haye, who also appeared on Ringside Toe 2 Toe podcast.

“I hope Parker wants to stand and make a punch with Derek. If he tries to ship it, it could be pretty ugly, so I hope he wants to stand there.

“I hope he wants to give a statement to the heavyweights out there, ‘I’m going there and taking Derek Chisor out.’ If he does, we have a nice showdown.”

Both fighters hired new coaches, and Chisora ​​brought in Buddy McGirt, while Parker recruited Andy Lee.

Higgins questioned Chisora’s appointment, recalling how McGirt was in charge of Monte Barrett’s disastrous defeat by Shane Cameron in Auckland.

“I hope this is a better camp, this time with Chisor,” Higgins said. “Nothing against Buddy McGirt, but I think Buddy would agree that the whole camp in Monte Barrett is the ultimate nuisance that ended in disaster.

“I hope Chisora ​​made the right decision with Buddy and I hope they train hard and well because we’re definitely in a good space.”

Haye welcomed the addition of the esteemed American corner, telling Sky Sports: “He hired Buddy McGirt, the former boxing champion and ‘Hall of Fame’ boxer himself – he was there on the biggest occasion and we just hope you come fight the Buddy McGirt factor to play the main role in this struggle.

“I’ve never seen Derek as connected to a coach as he is to Buddy McGirt. I think the experience factor really means Derek, getting into a fight like this.”

Parker, a former WBO champion, could strengthen his status as a potential challenger if the belt is released after the expected undisputed fight of world title Anthony Joshua with Tyson Fury.

But Higgins admits that Parker’s prospects would look bleak after the loss of Chisora, which is detrimental to his career.

“This is a fight in which Joseph, if he wins, will get the right blow for the second world title, right in front of him. Eddie Hearn has confirmed that,” Higgins said. “Maybe against Usyk, whoever, it doesn’t matter.

“The winner will be hit with the world title, I would say in a year, and the loser will be in the trash. If it’s Derek Chisora, I’d say he’ll probably retire.

“If it’s Joseph Parker, he has to ask a few really tough questions, is he at the highest echelon and should he continue his career.”

Watch Chisora ​​vs. Parker and Taylor vs. Jonas on May 1, live at the Sky Sports Box Office.