Jorge Nava shares the birth of a newborn in rare photos

After refusing divorce and prison time, Jorge Nava is counting his blessings now that he has given birth to his first child.

After his disastrous relationship with Anfisa Arkhipchenko onwards 90-day fiancé, Jorge Nava recently entered a new phase of his life by becoming a father. Jorge and Anfisa they were one of the most tumultuous and ill-matched couples franchise ever seen. No one was surprised when the couple divorced, but when Jorge turned away from his divorce (and prison time) with a new girlfriend and baby along the way, fans were impressed with how well he was doing. Although he rarely posts on social media, Jorge’s fans were overjoyed when he recently announced that his new baby was finally born.

In the fourth season, viewers followed Jorge’s relationship with Russian bride Anfisa, and many quickly sided with him, calling Anfisa a gold digger. But Jorge was not without his own faults, for his marijuana business was not so much above the plate as Jorge created it, and as a result he served time in prison. The couple divorced after three years of marriage. After the prison glow, Jorge started dating a new woman named R Blua. In November, the couple announced that they were expecting and now Jorge and Blua are finally meeting their new baby.

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Jorge recently added a new, honest post to his new one Instagram page with him, his girlfriend and their precious newborn. “Tthere is no love here that can match what I have for my family, I love them more than anything in this world, ”It says in the title. Fans showered the new proud dad with congratulations, including fellow franchises Russ and Paola Mayfield. Jorge hasn’t revealed the gender or name of his new bundle of joy, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped fans from praising the adorable new addition to his family.

Fans were surprised when they saw the news about Jorge’s family because he is not too active on social networks. His Instagram page contains only 14 posts, and the last before the announcement of the birth was a sonogram of a child from November. Even his girlfriend only appears twice on his page. The birth of your first child, however, is an important occasion, so it makes sense for the shy reality star on social media to return to Instagram to declare her love and excitement for her new family.

Although his relationship lasts 90-day fiancé failed, Jorge apparently found happiness after his time on the show. Fans hated Jorge and Anfisa as a couple and they seem to be more receptive to each other now that they are not together. The new baby is definitely something to celebrate, so fans are glad that Jorge gave them a new photo of his happy family. Jorge isn’t the one hanging out on social media, but he might be excited enough to share with the world what the new baby Nava will be called.

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Source: Jorge Nava / Instagram

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