Jonathan India of Reds gets hit by the head and continues playing

Rookie Cincinnati Reds Jonathan India got off to a great start.

Not even a fast ball in his head can put him down.

The second Cincinnati seed was at the wrong end of a terrifying scene during Wednesday’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. After knocking out a victim in the first race, India took the board in the third round with the Reds in a 5-0 lead.

Fastball takes off his Indian helmet

Pirate thrower Chad Kuhl released a quick ball. India could not get out of the way. The terrain hit India straight in the forehead, knocked off his helmet and sent him to crash to the ground.

India seemed perfectly fine

India, however, acted unhappily. He quickly collected himself, got to his feet and took first base after consulting with the Reds coaching staff. On his next beating, he knocked in two more races before he was marked trying to knock out a double.

He also threw a glove in the field.

Well yes. India seems to have been just fine. He felt good enough after winning 11-4 for an after-game interview.

“I wasn’t stunned at all,” India told Bally Sports Cincinnati. “I’m just a little angry. It just overwhelms the rage, the adrenaline. I’m fine. I’m totally fine.”

Former first round coach to a great MLB start

For that day, India finished 1-for-2 on the board with three RBIs, as the top-ranked Reds played three Pirates games and improved to 5-1.

India have been a big part of the hot start in Cincinnati and are now hitting .476 (10 for 21) with 10 RBIs through their first six MLB games. The fifth pick of MLB’s 2018 draft, the 24-year-old India is certainly fulfilling the hype to start his career in Cincinnati.

Jonathan India was marked in second base but still crashed in a couple of races with a fifth inning on Wednesday. (AP Photo / Bryan Woolston)

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