Joe Gomez’s latest injury: Liverpool’s return date as Virgil van Dijk’s focus changes

Liverpool defender Joe Gomez is making good progress in his comeback due to a serious knee injury he sustained while on international duty in England.

The former Charlton defender needed patellar tendon surgery back in November, which put him on the sidelines with the red talisman Virgil van Dijk.

The Reds felt the absence of Gomez at the heart of their back four after playing an extremely influential role as Liverpool lifted the Premier League title last season.

He proved to be a great player and fans are eager to see him in the Reds jersey again.

Here we bring you the latest news about Gomez’s return, when the return is expected and at what stage in terms of recovery.

What happened to Joe Gomez?

Gomez was not on international duty in England when he collapsed in training from the ball.

English teammate Nick Pope said: “He made a pass or move with no one around him and ended up on the floor, obviously in trouble or pain.

“As a footballer who is on the field, you know when something doesn’t seem right to you, so you could see that it hurt a lot.

“When you see one of your friends or teammates going through that, it’s not easy so it wasn’t easy for me or any of the guys.”

Gomez was immediately sent for recordings which, fortunately, revealed that he did not suffer any damage to the ligaments, but that he still needed tendon surgery in his left knee.

Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez from Liverpool during rehabilitation

A statement from Liverpool says: “The problem was isolated on the Gomez tendon, without damaging any connected ligaments of the knee.

“The damage repair operation, which took place in London on Thursday morning, was successful and the 23-year-old will fully recover.

“Gomez will immediately begin a rehabilitation program with the Reds medical team, with the club staff closely monitoring his progress.”

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At what stage is Gomez recovering?

The former Charlton defender, who played an important role while the Reds lifted the Premier League title last season, is currently in rehab.

Images shared back on social media back in January showed significant scars on his left knee as he was trapped working out in his gym at the gym.

Since then, there has been steady progress that has led to him sharing a video of himself running and working lightly with the ball on his Instagram account in March.

He carried the “step-by-step” caption as Reds fans reacted positively to the scene as he returned to the club’s training base in Kirkby.

He is currently working alongside long-term injury colleague Virgil van Dijk who is also returning to fitness after undergoing surgery on the anterior cruciate ligament.

What did Jurgen Klopp say?

Back in January, journalists questioned Klopp about Gomez and how his rehabilitation was going.

But he admitted that despite the progress he has made, they are unlikely to play any further role in their Premier League campaign.

“Joe Gomez is actually in a pretty good place, but far from coming back,” he said.

“He walks around, he looks completely normal, he hasn’t come out on the field yet and he doesn’t run, not even from the gym. It’s also a really serious injury.

“Will it be available this season? When does the season end? May? It will be close, I would say.

“I do not know expect, so I would be positively surprised to come back this season, to be honest. “

What did England manager Gareth Southgate say?

After the news of Gomez’s injury broke, Southgate admitted that he had a long conversation with Klopp through the young central defender of the Reds.

When asked how the Liverpool manager reacted, Southgate said: “Unfortunately, the injury was so unique in how it happened, we know it was just the result of a lot of games.

“Wherever he has been, there is a chance that it could have happened. We were on the same page. We think the well-being of the players is crucial. “

Southgate’s comments on Gomez followed after he expressed concern about the burden with which players are being forced to deal with due to a tight schedule due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Joe Gomez trains with England
Joe Gomez trains with England

“I talked about it right at the start of the season with Joe, a good example,” he said.

“We knew how much he had in the last six weeks or so. We gave him and the other guys who were at the European matches, who played on Sunday, a recovery for an extra day. Still, something else like this happened.

“For me, there’s a lot of discussion about extra subscriptions and things like that, but the bigger picture here is that the governing bodies, the wider bodies, everyone in the game has to work together.

“It was an opportunity. In two years we have the Winter World Cup. This year there was an opportunity to think differently.

“The pandemic threw all kinds of difficulties for people, but everyone tried to put the program in a smaller period. No one relented and people did not cooperate enough.

“We will see injuries and it is a desperately sad situation, because when you see the impact on an individual, it hits home even harder. So now we are trying to influence things the other way around or too late.

“A lot of those discussions were supposed to happen in the summer. We could have postponed the start of the league. We could have postponed international football, we could have adjusted the calendar as a whole and collaborated, but people didn’t.”

What about Gomez, the European Championship and England?

Last month, Klopp seemed to rule Gomez and Van Dijk from Euro 2020, and both players almost certainly joined England and the Netherlands.

“It’s not my decision, but to be honest, the information I have at the moment is that it will be unlikely,” he said.

“It’s not that I don’t let them go, because I don’t want to do it anyway. This is due to the size of the injuries.

“We all hope that they will be ready to start the pre-season with us, we all hope so. With Joel [Matip] it’s almost the same. These are really serious injuries and now it’s not about talking about what competition they’re playing in.

Joe Gomez of Liverpool during recovery training at the AXA Training Center
Joe Gomez of Liverpool during recovery training at the AXA Training Center

“I am always open to positive surprises and that they suddenly appear in team training, but no one told me that. The two of them look better than Joel because he’s still in what looks like ski boots.

“Joe isn’t running, Virgil is already running, but this is really hard. We’ll be completely over the moon when they’re ready to train with us for the start of the preseason, but I haven’t thought about the euro.

“When do you have to come back to be ready to play in euros?” Previous weeks? The day when the euro starts? I do not know. I may understand the need for that, but we can’t make this decision and we won’t. They will be in shape when they are in shape. ”

When will we see Gomez in a Reds shirt?

While Reds fans would love to see him this season, that scenario is unlikely to happen.

As for England, the Euros squad will not be named until the Premier League season is over, but the odds are that Gomez will not be included.

That would mean Gomez will miss another major tournament with England being excluded from the 2018 English World Cup campaign due to injury.

It is likely that Gomez will be ready for the Reds in the preseason provided there is no setback in his rehabilitation.