Jenna Elfman from The Fear of Walking Dead explains June’s deadly decision

In her latest text, Jenna Elfman explains the transformation of the widow June Dorie into a gunman’s wake Fear of the Walking Dead. Spoilers for Sunday Season 6, Episode 9, “Things Left to Do.” After the death of her husband at the Gates, Virginia (Colby Minifie) daughter Dakota (Zoe Colletti) kills John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) with her own gun because she realizes she killed Lawton Ranger Cameron (Noah Khyle), June confronts Ginny after she was captured and imprisoned by Morgan (Lennie James). Inspired by John’s desire for the killing to stop, Morgan decides to make Ginny live with what she did.

But June seeks justice from the person she blames most for John’s death. With John’s gun in his hand, June interrogates Ginny about her daughter’s reason for killing her husband: “It was you, Virginia. You are the reason. You have always been. ” June then takes revenge on John when he shoots Ginny in the head.

“Apart from her personal loss, in June it seems so unfair to lose one of the best human beings in the Virginia environment,” Elfman says in a post-mortem video above. “I think June is trying to pay homage to Morgan and everything John advocated, not just pull the trigger of revenge. But at the end of the day, June is her person.”

“Things to Do” ends in June, with John’s sporty black cowboy hat and pistol with the monogram “JD,” leaving Morgan’s stunned group. At least for now, it’s going its own way.

“I loved the walk after I killed Virginia,” Elfman says. “Not asking permission, not asking forgiveness, she owns what she did.”

June Dorie will return – the upcoming episode 13 is titled “JD” – but the widowed revolver has undergone an irreversible transformation.

“I think everyone is so stunned that this is happening, that I just can’t believe it,” says rival Andrew Chambliss. “The question is actually who will become June and what will happen to her relationship with everyone in this community?”

Next: it’s Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) versus Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) when Morgan’s dam community faces another threat to their existence in episode 610 next week, “Handle With Care”.

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