Jay Leno explains the history of Morgan 3 Wheeler and why owning one is so much fun

Jay Leno has unveiled his Morgan 3 Wheeler for the latest episode of his popular YouTube series “Jay Leno’s Garage”.

Morgan is perhaps best known today for four-wheel coupes and roadsters like the Plus 4 and Plus 8, but what many may not know is that the success of the historic British company was originally based on producing a very simple car, one with only three wheels.

In the video above, Leno gives a brief history of Morgan and how the original 3 Wheeler launched in the early 1900s was originally developed to avoid taxing four-wheeled cars. That made it a hit with customers on a limited budget, and somehow families, according to Leno.

Morgan 3 Wheeler

The modern 3 Wheeler was launched in 2011 and received an update for 2014 – a version that Leno has and says is full of fun. We don’t really need to be reassured that 115 hp in a chassis weighing just 1,100 pounds will be a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, the 3 Wheeler will cease production in 2021 because its powertrain, S&S’s 2-liter V-twin motorcycle engine, no longer meets regulations. Morgan unveiled a special edition of the P101 to mark the end of the current model series and said it would eventually bring back the 3 Wheeler with a new powertrain. The company experimented with the 3 Wheeler electric battery, although the project was canceled last year before a single customer example was made.

Morgan is not the only company that produces three-wheeled machines. Two others that have recently hit the covers are Polaris and Vanderhall.