Jasmin-Aly decides to stay a friend; Rahul Mahajan calls Rakhi “cheap”

During the latest episode of Bigg Boss 14, a huge clash was seen taking place between Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Sawant. The former calls Rakhi ‘cheap’ and says her audience is the same. Disturbed by Rahul’s statements, Rakhi cries and can be seen telling other family members how she fought and supported her family.

After sometimes, he starts behaving strangely and it seems like the housemates can’t decide what to do with Rakhi Sawant! It looks absolutely scary, Rakhi has been seen staring at the camera for a long time. Suddenly something happens and she starts to sway eerily back and forth and even cries softly.

Jasmin is the first to notice this and asks Rakhi if she is all right. Ruby is the next one to get scared when Rakhi starts singing. Arshi also asks Raki about what he does when he sees Raki standing still as if in a trance. Sonali Phogat approaches Rakhi and asks her why she is crying, and Rakhi replies that she is not.

So far, everyone is rightly scared. Sitting in the garden, Rakhi is seen talking to Eijaz and Aly. Eijaz addresses her as Julie and asks if she belongs here. Rakhi called Julie tells him that this is her house and that she has a connection to the place where Eijaz sleeps. It is later seen that Eijaz admits to Aly that he is now sincerely afraid while Rakhi looked at him in a very spooky way!

When everyone is lazy in the sleeping area, Rahul notices something about removing Pret Aatma from the house, and Rakhi suddenly yells at him! Even Arshi wonders how she asks Rakhi if it’s still her or some other ghost has taken responsibility! Vikas Gupta is the only one who remains dissatisfied because we see him sleeping comfortably in Rakhi’s lap! When Jasmin asks Rakhi / Julie if she is happy, she says no. She says she has been unhappy for 200 years and that this place belongs to her!

Later, Aly and Jasmin were seen talking about their relationship. Jasmine shares her concern with him saying she doesn’t want to lose her friendship with him and is afraid to break into a relationship. Responding to Jasmine, Aly says, they wouldn’t walk. Either they will remain friends or they will greatly improve their relationship.