Jamie Foxx once got Snoop Dogg to ‘shake up’ his daughter’s date

  • Jamie Foxx said his daughter, when she has a date, turns into a “private eye”.
  • Foxx said he once told Snoop Dogg to intimidate one of the dates he came to their house.
  • Date, however, passed the test and did well in Snoop’s intimidation tactics.
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Jamie Foxx is not averse to taking advantage of his famous friends to help him when the parent is his daughter Corinne Foxx.

Jamie and Corinne created and co-produced their own sitcom “Dad Stop Shaming Me!” In which Jamie also stars. But it seems that Foxx’s actual parenting style may have influenced


Episode E! As of April 7, “Daily Pop” from the news, Jamie Foxx said that Corinne, when he started dating guys, turned into a “private eye.”

“When she got the person there, I already knew everything about her,” Foxx said.

However, there was a time when Foxx’s famous friend Snoop Dogg was at his house – and Foxx asked Snoop to intimidate the date on his behalf.

Actors Corinne Foxx (L) and Jamie Foxx (R) attend LA premiere

Corinne Foxx and Jamie Foxx.

Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic / Getty Images

“Well, she brought the guy to the cradle, and I said, ‘Hey, Snoop, there he is. Shake him.’ [He said] ‘Hey, what’s up, nephew? Do you understand what is currently happening? ‘”, Said the 53-year-old actor.

Luckily for the date, Foxx thought the “guy was solid” and did pretty well in Snoop’s intimidation tactics.

“He was like,” I see what’s going on. I’m cold. “Okay, great at that,” Foxx said. But even though this date seemed to have passed the test, Foxx warned of future dates: “They need to know that if something goes wrong, it could, hey, get to you.”

Foxx, who worked to rip him off to play Mike Tyson in the biopic, said, “Daughters are special, man. As a father, you want that person who goes out with your daughter to know that there’s very likely a chance he won’t survive life. “

Corinne Foxx is now 27, and has been working in the industry as an actress and producer since 2013. Foxx’s second daughter, 11-year-old Annalize Bishop, may still experience Foxx and Snoop’s tactics when she grows up.

This story could be found in “Dad Stop Shaming Me!” – The show is based on the lives of Foxxs, and the father said that his character in the show is “completely [him]. “The Netflix show will premiere on April 14.