JAMB apologizes because NIN’s integration delays registration

The Joint Admissions and Graduation Committee apologized for the delay in the start of registration, which he said was “speculated” to start on Thursday.

In a statement issued on Thursday by JAMB spokesman Dr. Fabian Benjamin, the delay is said to have been caused by some unforeseen circumstances caused by determined efforts to integrate a national identification number.

He said, “To make sure all processes were completed before the start, the Board did not put its advertorial as it had yet to complete the smooth game sales process and candidate access to the 2021 UTME / DE registration application.

“The advertisement is the safest indicator of the beginning of the exercise because it contains all the gradual procedures that the candidates are obliged to follow.

“However, this delay is caused by some unforeseen circumstances caused by our determined efforts to have NIN integration.

“This challenge is being addressed and once it is done, all processes will begin.

“Therefore, a little patience is required from the candidate. The process will be launched soon and is underway to introduce our ad so candidates can begin creating profiles. ”